Tuesday, October 3

Your road, your soul, your conscience, what are you doing with yours?


Aren’t you the owner of the escrow?
Own your soul?
Do you leave your trust in the opinion, opinion, conscience of others?
Do you trust a loved one’s gift from the creator of heaven and earth to those who don’t know what galleries are inside?
Do you give someone your most and only treasure in life just because of simple fears, because you did not dare, because you were lazy?
Authority to use your own life, your own body, your own mind, your soul?
And then you talk about cost?
From self-esteem?
Are you talking about security?

Why should you trust yourself?
Why should he trust you, who entrusted his life to someone else, for whom you did not take responsibility, that you did not deign to live?

How can you appreciate, how can you see yourself as valuable?
When you transfer your value to another, like brands, and get nothing in return?
Are you talking about abundance then?

Learn about trust first.
Then be her watchdog.
be her companion
To guide him.

After; Get your guide.
When he trusts you, when he knows you will protect him, accept the guidance he will give you.
When you see your value, knowing the value you give, accept the blessing it offers you.

Your road, your life is yours, your conscience is yours.
And everyone has.
What are you doing with yours?
Are you using what is yours correctly?
What are you feeding this soul?
Where do you keep this soul?

Or do you hold out an apple in your hand and cry to the sky, Lord, give me a diamond?
Look into your palms, when you call, when you cry, your value is there.

This might interest you: can you stand up for yourself even if your faith in yourself is tested?

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