You can restore yourself with yoga


We leave the world at birth. “What will life bring us, what will happen to me?” While you think time flies by fast, even though you have ups and downs and plans along the way, life makes you experience everything differently.

While I was immersed in the flow of life, when yoga appeared before me, I realized that this is a huge endless universe. Was it easy? Of course not! Think about it, your breathing changed when you were born. It wasn’t easy trying to find yourself in small steps as your body grew without realizing it.

Yoga is a deep ocean, first you become your own guide; This is my eternal happiness – to convey what I have learned and experienced to others…

Every day I learn to follow my mind by exploring my body and my breath. I say that everyone who has time to fit into life these days in my asana practice is: “I wonder if I can do it?” Everything I’ve said is starting to fall into place. I wake up early in the morning and do my practice, I feel myself getting stronger in asanas, I open my face with facial yoga that I have incorporated into my new life, I experience kundalini yoga…

I feel a huge awakening within me… Yoga came to my mind and I decided to follow it. It takes a lot of effort and patience to get on the mat. We want almost everything to happen, just like in life, we say “Come on, what will happen soon”, but yoga is not like that. Even getting my feet on the ground took a long time, as I always say, I learned the soles of my feet with yoga when I was in my thirties. In the blink of an eye you have grown, you have thrown aside the flowers within you. I was refreshed with yoga and started to bloom again.

As I began to rebuild my body, I realized that I first needed to start with proper breathing. My body was like a frozen tree, I spent a lot of effort to revive it. And trust me, as you work, your body miraculously wakes up and you harmonize proper breathing with your body. My renewal process has now begun to spread from part to whole. When I found peace within myself, my calm mind and soul became enlightened.

There is no age to rebuild yourself so that you can find flowers and peace within yourself again. First start living with self-awareness, be your own guide…

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