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Yoga Benefits

Yoga, which has become very popular in our country in recent years, is one of the first options for those who want to protect their health naturally and want to restore their mental health. Among the benefits of yoga is the development of the health of the mind and body in harmony. Despite this, contrary to misconceptions, this is not a sport, but a system of philosophy.

Comprising over 100 different types or teachings, this practice usually consists of meditation, breathing exercises, and various postures. These yoga poses, also called asanas, allow different muscle groups to work with different stretching movements. What makes it so attractive is that it’s actually a very simple app. By exercising for just half an hour a day, you can ensure that your body is able to heal itself.

What is yoga?

The shortest answer to the question what is yoga would be an exercise that focuses on breathing and is done in order to feel good physically and spiritually. Especially for people who live in the city and are stressed in everyday life, the most important benefit of this exercise is that it prevents or reduces stress. It also increases strength and flexibility.

The first goal of yoga is slightly different from the sports practices to which it has been compared. It is preferable to raise awareness and create harmony between soul and body. In addition to this, there are some very tangible benefits of yoga. These include improving respiratory and heart health, preventing mental health problems such as depression, and strengthening muscles.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga, which is very popular all over the world, especially in Western countries, is known to have many benefits for both mental and physical health. Although some of the benefits of yoga do not have a scientific basis, the scientific benefits of yoga are as follows:

  • The first answer to the question what are the benefits of yoga would be to reduce stress and provide relaxation. Scientific studies show that yoga reduces levels of the stress-inducing hormone cortisol in our body.
  • Many people, when asked why they started doing yoga, make the argument that it is helpful for anxiety. The most interesting thing is that this is true. Research has proven that yoga practice and exercises, especially when combined with meditation, reduce anxiety.
  • Among the benefits of yoga for the body, the best known is that it reduces the risk of heart disease. When it comes to the health of the body, the first thing that comes to mind is the heart as the most important organ influencing the well-being of our entire body. Of course, proper nutrition plays a big role in heart health in the same way as yoga and sports.
  • Some studies show that yoga also has an antidepressant effect and reduces symptoms of depression. The fact that it lowers the hormone cortisol and affects the level of the hormone serotonin in the body proves this situation.
  • Improving the quality of sleep is the main motivation for people all over the world to start practicing yoga. Scientific research also confirms that when yoga is added to the daily routine, sleep improves and improves quality.
  • Many people find that yoga improves flexibility and balance. They are very right. Research shows that certain postures or yoga postures actually make the body more balanced and flexible.
  • The breathing style known as pranayama, unique to yoga, improves breathing and, as a result, helps maintain respiratory health. Some studies have concluded that this aspect of yoga also reduces asthma symptoms.
  • Yoga is known as an easy “sport” because it usually consists of various postures and meditation techniques. However, although yoga is not a sport, it definitely increases physical strength.

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