Women are becoming more unhappy every year: what to do?


According to Deloitte’s recently published study of working women in 2022, half of women experience more stress than the previous year, and 46 percent experience burnout. Only 39 percent of the women surveyed rated their mental health as good, up slightly from last year, while almost half rated it as very poor. More than half (53%) of respondents said they were more stressed than last year, and almost half (46%) felt exhausted.

Are these results surprising? I think not. First of all, we must accept the fact that lately everyone’s settings have deteriorated, whether they are male or female; Gallup, the global research company that publishes the Emotions Report, surveying approximately 150,000 people in 120 countries every year, announced that levels of stress, sadness and loneliness have increased to record levels in 2021. However, in this article, I wanted to look at the situation in which women find themselves.

There is definitely a hormonal component to this; During puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and after, premenopause, menopause, postmenopause, women try to live in a sea of ​​hormones without drowning, without drowning, and without support among the waves of emotions that have washed over them. And, unfortunately, the public recognition of all this is not yet complete. For example, even pads bought in black bags are the simplest proof of how these situations are not accepted and understood by society.

Despite this, over the past 50 years, women have made great strides in terms of freedom, rights and growing employment potential. This, of course, was not presented to them on a golden platter. The acquisition of all of them caused and continues to cause great emotional losses. Women, who take on much more responsibility to prove themselves in a male-dominated world, constantly struggle in discriminatory, aggressive, and condescending spaces, especially in order to exist in the business world. While he feels the need to push for more and more in anticipation of absolute success in the many roles he takes on at home, work, and in his personal life, he also tries to stand up straight in the face of the sexual, physical, and verbal bullying he is subjected to. manifests itself in all spheres of his life. Therefore, women are naturally much more restless and tense than in the past.

So what can we do? In all these circumstances, it is perhaps most important for women to be able to reconnect with themselves and their inner strengths. Especially in recent years, the growing need for awareness and compassion is for us the key to well-being in the face of all difficult emotions and situations, to protect ourselves, support ourselves, set boundaries and take action in accordance with our needs.

Because neglecting ourselves in order to achieve, become better and do more, as well as not meeting our needs, which we ignore and sweep under the carpet, leads to the fact that after a while we fall into the trap of unhappy, unsatisfied, joyless, uninteresting lives. while continuing these conditions cause burnout syndrome. Of course, we can do more, better, but it is important to recognize, preserve and adhere to our understanding and the completeness of our standards, what is significant and valuable to us, by counteracting the forces of the external environment, forcibly we do more.

And yes, it is difficult to suddenly open doors that open to ourselves; The opportunity to look into the eyes of those whom we turn our heads into, to stay with them, to understand their needs does not happen immediately … But we can move forward step by step, each time opening our eyes a little, noticing a little. As long as we have the intention and commitment to do so. Believe me, connecting with your own inner forces is no more difficult than carrying two watermelons on the couch.

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