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Wish Board for 2023: 4 Benefits of Setting a Vision for Your Life


Vision; This is the place we want to reach in the future given our values, resources, competencies and competencies. I’m sure you’ve heard from many people around you that they want to be rich and healthy. But when asked what they mean by wealth and health, they cannot give detailed information. Because they didn’t take into account the details.

Perhaps that person could be you. And there is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. Nobody ever taught you how to ask. Perhaps you tried to express your wishes based on what you see around you.

Maybe you have achieved a lot, but when you do, you may realize that it does not make you happy, that it is not enough, that you need something else. Or you can’t be sure if you are happy or not, you can drift from outcome to outcome.

Until we know exactly what we want and define our vision, we continue to drift, remain indecisive and live without being satisfied with the results we have achieved. So, is this really what you expect from life?

When you know what you want, when you can define it in detail, the life you imagine goes beyond being suspended in the air, it emerges first in your mind and then in reality.

4 key benefits of defining your vision for your life

  1. You know what to spend your time and energy on.
  2. You know what, when, where to say yes and no.
  3. When opportunities arise that will lead you to the desired result, you can evaluate them. Thus, you will not have the problem of indecision and missed opportunity.
  4. Moving in the desired direction and being aware of what you have achieved improves your awareness of abundance and abundance and increases the satisfaction you get from your life. You realize that you are living a meaningful life.

If you want to enter 2023 by defining your vision and reap the above benefits by taking concrete steps towards your vision, you are welcome to the Vision Board Workshop 2023!

2023 Visualization board workshop

The Vision Board, which is used by many athletes and famous people around the world, is called the Vision Board in English; It is a method of translating one’s goals, dreams and desires into their minds through various visual means.

It is much more than just making a list of goals, and when used regularly, it puts dreams into the subconscious through the visualization technique. In this way, you begin to attract the resources you need to achieve your dream.

See you on Zoom from 11:00 to 14:00 on Sunday, December 18!

First we talk about the theoretical part, and then we prepare our visualization boards with cardboard, colored pencils and visual materials!

Vision Board Seminar Program for 2023

  • What is a visualization board, how does it work?
  • How is the visualization board prepared?
  • Breathing and meditation to clear our mind and our vision
  • Time to create our visualization boards
  • Tips for Using the Visualization Board
  • Group exchange and closure

1 mindfulness coaching session will be provided to 3 workshop participants!

A 1-hour mindfulness training is a GIFT for those who complete the visualization board according to the conditions at the end of the workshop, where we can discuss the details of their vision!

So that we can enter your dreams together in 2023!

You can send me a message to get more information and register for the seminar.

Instagram: momentbiziebel
Email address: [email protected]

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