Wisdom-filled memories of Zubeida Khanim on the 100th anniversary


Another year has passed and the calendars have been updated. Every year is special, but 2023 seems even more special. Why is he more special? One day the 100th anniversary of our Republic! The Great Plane Tree, Ata’s greatest work – Republic of Turkey. And, according to Barysh Abi, this great plane tree will wake up with a slight numbness of the legs in 2023! The year 2023 is fraught with important changes and events at the social level. In 2023, we will observe the rebirth of a Turk from the ashes, like the bird Tugrul (Simurg-Phoenix-Anka), as it happened countless times in history. You see, as Atatürk said, despite today’s darkness, immorality and quackery, we are definitely moving towards the light. The year 2023 will be the beginning of a period when the forgotten great civilization and abilities of Turkishness will rise like a new sun on the horizon of civilization from ANKA-RA.

2023 has another feature. January 14, 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the farewell to eternity of Ataturk’s mother, the wise and virtuous Turkish woman Zubeyde Hanym.

Source: Kocaeli Newspaper

Fast forward to Ataturk’s childhood. Interestingly, the dream worked out with the consent of Zubeyda xanim, who opposed Mustafa Kemal’s admission to a military school. His sister Makbule Atadan describes the dream their mother had that night as follows:

“My mother sees in a dream Mustafa on top of the minaret, in a terrible state, with a tray of gold. Some voices: “If you are ready to let Mustafa go to a military school, this is his place. If not, we will throw it away, there will be a thousand pieces!” they say. My mother wakes up horrified and agrees the next day. That’s what happened when my brother entered the military school.”

Let’s listen to Atatürk’s recollection, which shows how much dignity and insight his mother had:

“One night, long before the proclamation of the constitutional monarchy, I had a meeting in our house. … The maid who was inspecting the room we were in informed my mother… (After the meeting) my mother, who I thought was asleep, came up to me and said to me:

– My child, I want to understand something, you and your friends are rebelling against the Sultan in the power of the seven saints?

I didn’t want to tell my mom what I think I’m doing. But, having seen our meeting that evening and knowing everything, I no longer felt the need to hide the truth from my mother and sister, but instead preferred to enlighten them:

“Yes, mother,” I said, “the one who, as you think, has the power of the seven saints, has no power. We, the people gathered here, want to save the country from these oppressors. Your mind may not be able to reach this, or you will forget that I am your child and associate with these saints.

Mom then said:

– My child, you are inexperienced, since you deal with such things, let me know what you are doing and give me your secret things. You must be very careful. Difficult to succeed; rather disappear. What should I do, you are my only son, I do not want you to die, it is in my power.

– Mom, I said these things were removed. As an honest person, I have to participate in these things. Can you keep me from this?

No, my child; If one day, after these events, I do not see you with those who have honor and dignity, then I will be sad. I haven’t read as much as you, I don’t know as much as you, I’m not trying to stop you from doing what you see and understand. Just be careful, the main thing is to succeed, to try to succeed.”

Zubeyde Hanım was a source of inspiration and motivation for Atatürk with her advice, which she gave at important moments. Saying goodbye to his mother in the vineyard house before the Great Attack, Mustafa Kemal tells her that he is going to tea and that he should not wait until evening. Realizing that her son was leaving for the front, Zubeyde sent a letter written by her to Ali to the sergeant and Mustafa Kemal.You are going to the front. My heart knows this. Know I’m praying for you! And Mustafam, don’t come back without taking the victory. I can wait for you…”

Source: Wikipedia

The definitions and predictions of Zübeyde Khanim about the marriage of Latifa Khanim and her son are also impressive. This shows how powerful and wise a woman she is in the human spirit. to Karsiyaka station; Latifa xanim, who met the special train with members of her family and relatives that arrived on December 14, 1922, went up to the compartment of Zubeida xanim and greeted them. He did not like this future bride, who was not considered very beautiful and attractive at first glance, since he found her unattractive, he found a prettier sister next to him, but hid his feelings. Then, at a convenient time, to your favorite chief assistant; He asked her to convey the following thoughts about Latif Hanım and the impending marriage in a suitable language and with a Rumelian accent to her son:

Come with me, I want to talk. I would like to discuss. Salih dear, you know me, I’m not lying. I will say briefly. Look, it’s useless! This work will not work. The correct order is the language. This job is impossible.”

– Why mom?

-Why? See why! I pass this on to you alone. Report this to my Mustafa in your language. I said no way. Because the drum does not beat in analog. The main heart is like an eye. He sees the truth. This girl is good, her family is noble, she is well educated. There are coins. He speaks the Firenki languages ​​like a nightingale. Well read. But what do they say? “A literate man becomes a witch, a literate woman becomes a witch.”

“Look baby! Now you tell me: this girl loves Mustafa? Does he like Mustafa Kemal? Mustafa Kemal Pasha? Mustafa is mine. My Chakir! Darling, I would not give ten to anyone. He is a Mujahideen, a yellow sipahi. He is devoted to others, to his people “If he hums, a woman will fall in love with him. Because it is his truth. I would give my life for this woman. But the girl sees Mustafa Kemal Pasha. He sees the position. He sees the title. He is alone. The girl sees it. Want to own him “Sleep like this. Nobody needs the obvious. Neither you nor me nor Mustafa. Be Mustafa Kemal Pasha: Here! Think about them. Write to my Mustafa. No, it’s artificial. You know. Dude, go to sleep now. I want to sleep “It hurts. God help you. Let the light shine. Alone, let this lamp burn.”

It happened as Zubeyde xanim said, this work was not successful. She is ill, Zubeida Khanim, and she dies exactly one month after these finds.

Ataturk in a dream feels the departure of his mother into eternity. He travels to Izmir by train and shortly before dawn Ghazi calls Ali;

“..Any news?” – he asked. Ali too

“.. The password came, but was not decrypted.” he said. Mustafa Kemal looked sadly at the commander, Sergeant Ali:

“…I know my mother is dead.” said. “I had a dream, I was walking through the green fields with my mother. Suddenly a storm came up and carried my mother away.

When he is given a decoded telegram, he reads it and receives the bitter news that he is tired of his dream.

Source: news7

The speech and oath taken by Atatürk at his mother’s grave is also a summary of Zubeyde Hanım’s experience.

“My poor mother gave her body to the holy land of Izmir, which is her ideal for all the people. Friends, death is the most natural law of creation. But even so, what sad things sometimes happen. My mother, who was lying here, became a victim of the arbitrariness of the administration, whose persecution and coercion led the whole people into the abyss of disaster. If you will allow me to explain this, let me present a few specific moments of his painful life. This was during the reign of Abdul-Hamid. In 1320 (1905) I had just left the school as a staff captain. I took the first step in life. But this step led not to life, but to the dungeon. Indeed, once they took me and put me in the dungeons of the repressive administration. I stayed there for several months. My mother found out about it only after she got out of prison. And he immediately ran to me. He came to Istanbul. But I could only meet him there for three or five days. Because again the spies and executioners of the printing office surrounded our residence and took me away. My mother followed me crying. While I was boarding the ferry that was supposed to take me to the place of exile, my mother, who was not allowed to meet with me, remained in tears and sadness at the Sirkeci pier. The dangers that I went through in the place of exile made his life pass in pain and tears. Another point: when I crossed Anatolia during the armistice, I had to leave my mother in Istanbul in a sickly state. I had a man with whom he was friends. When I sent this to Istanbul from Erzurum, the minute my mother was informed that this man had come alone, she thought that the death sentence passed by the caliph and the sultan had been carried out, and the thought paralyzed her. After that, all the years of struggle made him spend his life in pain and sorrow. He was always under pressure and torture from the Sultan, his government and all enemies. His residence was ransacked and ransacked on a thousand occasions and occasions, and he was troubled. My mother spent three and a half years crying day and night. These tears made him lose his eyes. Finally, quite recently, I managed to rescue him from Istanbul. I was able to reunite with him that he is now dead materially, living only spiritually. I am certainly very saddened by the loss of my mother. But there is one problem that relieves me of this sadness and comforts me, and that is to see that the administration that led to the destruction of our homeland is taken to the grave of absence, never to return. My mother, it’s underground, but may national sovereignty last forever. This is the greatest power that comforts me. Yes, national sovereignty will last forever. Let me repeat the oath of conscience I made to the spirit of my mother and the spirit of all ancestors. I swear before my mother’s grave and in the presence of Allah, I will never hesitate to go to my mother if necessary, to protect and uphold the sovereignty that the nation has won and preserved by shedding so much blood. It should be a duty of conscience and honor for me to give my life for the sake of national sovereignty.”

Source: cumulative journal

It contains important observations about Zubeyda xanim, which are quoted by Cevat Abbas, Atatürk’s adjutant.

“This mother began with lullabies that instilled in her son love for the motherland and people in the cradle, raised him with feeling at all ages, guided him to education, instilled knowledge and wisdom. He, Mustafa Kemal, made his son, a savior who grew up and found his dignity.

During each of these visits, Atatürk kissed the blessed hand of his mother with great respect. Then this big man shrank before his mother, he would become Mustafa, even Mustafachik. Their conversations, their jokes, were signs of a seething love.

I will present a situation that I witnessed at one of these mother-son meetings in Çankaya as an example of Ms. Zubeide’s impetuous intellect, the value of which is limitless:

“Ataturk kissed his mother’s hand. When Mrs. Zubeyde held out her hand to her son, she wanted to hug Atatürk with all the expression of enthusiastic love in her eyes. She should have been proud that she was a mother who, having embraced him, made a unique saving gift to the beloved Turkish people. But this did not happen, the big Turkish mother, happy with her smiling and sweet face, reached out to the piece of liver that was moving away in her arms:

Ataturk: “What are you doing mama”. said.

Ms. Zubeide said with quiet and absolute solemnity:

“I am your mother, you do your duty to me by kissing my hand; but you are the head of state who saves the Motherland and the nation. I am also a member of this holy people and I am their subject, I can kiss your hand. gave an answer.

Instead of kissing her son’s hand, Ms. Zubeide gestured to those around her that her son’s rank was worthy of the greatest respect.”

With love, respect and gratitude, I remember the great Turkish mother Zubeyde Khanym, in the words of Sinan Meydan, may Anaturk’s soul rest in peace.

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