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Why is the New Year a good time for new beginnings?


Maybe you entered the new year with your loved ones, maybe with your family, maybe alone. Maybe you welcomed the New Year’s Eve with nice food, maybe with entertainment TV programs, maybe dancing, or maybe you didn’t choose to celebrate and spent a quiet evening. Well, what will happen now? Did you wake up the same day the next day or is it different? Really “New me in the new year!” Are you one of those who says or thinks this idea is hackneyed and meaningless? It is up to you to decide with whom or how you celebrate the new year, and what meanings you attach to the beginning of the new year. However, the inescapable fact is that the start of a new year is the opening of a blank slate for all of us, one way or another. At least for those of us who live by the solar calendar. 🙂

The dream of most of us is to start carefully, meticulously and orderly, like the first article we write in a blank notebook and with a new agenda. While the only thing that changes is the leaves of the calendar, if you look closely, if this change gives you hope to change something in your life, it would be nice to see it as an opportunity.

Why is the New Year the right time for new beginnings?

Celebrating the New Year, one of the oldest traditions in the history of mankind, is not only about the joy we experience when the world makes one full revolution around the Sun, or the fact that we are looking for an excuse to dress up and party until the morning. . The reason why we attach so much importance to the start of the new year is not only entertainment, but also entertainment. be a great opportunity for a fresh and clean start. As a symbol of starting over, New Year’s Eve includes change and challenges, taking a step towards leaving some things in the past. accurate and understandable time frames. At least in the middle of the year, this is much more convenient than any Monday other than our birthday.start time’ Most of us seem to agree that this is the case. Whatever life brings us, it is an inevitable fact that 365 days ago we were different people, and the beginning of the year is the best time to see the difference between ourselves at the beginning of the previous year and our current state, and determine what we can do to become who we want to be next year.

That is why ‘New Year’s celebration’ what we are celebrating our efforts to changethe fruits of these efforts, all that we were able to achieve in 1 year positive changes and most importantly for a new start we havegood luck, hope, excitement! Not because having crossed the threshold of midnight on December 31, an illusion is created that everything will suddenly change, as in the fairy tale about Cinderella. Because resetting the calendar year entails a psychological reset. important.

Since the first step to becoming happier is to transform our mindset and mentality, and there are hundreds of scientific studies that support this idea, “Ways to Be Happy: In our article, we have mentioned suggestions in detail for those who want to become happier.” positive attitude in the new year. Psychological messenger The results of a study conducted be optimistic and positiveshows that it is closely related to In general, the New Year is a great opportunity to take a small step towards changing our thinking, to strengthen the belief that we can change and become a better version of ourselves.

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Misconceptions about New Year’s resolutions and new beginnings

One of the most important misconceptions in the relationship we have established between change and the new year is that in any subject we want change in our lives. the idea that we need to make a radical decision and do it right now. While decisions like exercising every day on Monday to lose weight as quickly as possible, or completely changing your diet from the first day of the new year, play an important role in the change, you have the right to change the model that you have been following for years. almost snapping his fingers. This will not be a realistic expectation.

Change takes time, and of course it won’t always be possible to successfully dodge all the obstacles that come your way when you’re walking for the first time. So if you don’t reach your goals on the first try, you don’t need to exhaust yourself. New beginnings always ‘get better’ many beginnings can manifest themselves in different ways. Suffering, resistance to change, fatigue, stumbling, fear of failure, rejection of them are also included in the change! It is important to know that every step you take towards change, positive or negative, brings you closer to your goal and keeps your faith “no matter what.”

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To embrace new beginnings

While the idea of ​​a fresh start can mean different things to all of us, for most of us it can be as simple as trying something new to make us happy. For some of us, it’s routine, like exercising more or eating right on the pitch. “good decisions for life”There’s no point in forcing yourself to “live healthier” if it doesn’t sound very soulful to you.

Just like there is no universal definition of happiness, the things/habits that make us all happy are very different from each other and what makes you happy, motivates you and makes you feel better when you change it can be something as simple as taking up a new hobby or getting rid of something you haven’t used in a while. Even social activities such as a new experience that will allow you to discover your creative side or meeting people with the same interests as you are actually a great opportunity for change. Whatever you want to change or try, If it takes you out of your comfort zone You have already taken the most important step towards change. As long as you don’t exaggerate change in your mind and constantly remind yourself that “the only constant thing in life is change itself,” your hope that you will become happier will automatically grow. Of course, as long as you can get rid of the excesses that hold you back and hinder your growth…

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An opportunity to say goodbye to the old

Realizing the change in the new year may not always be about adding something positive to your life, improving yourself and moving forward. Letting go of the burdens that are holding you back and clearing the obstacles blocking your progress is what we most need to start the new year with a clean slate. Ending unhealthy relationships, removing toxic people from our lives one by one, breaking a bad habit, and most importantly, putting aside the fears, anxieties, and stereotypes in your mind are all you need to make change happen on its own, without efforts. .

What you give up does not have to have obvious and overly negative consequences. For example, if too much time spent on social media makes you unhappy, even small efforts, like taking a short break or deliberately limiting your time on social media, can lead to big changes.

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Do not reduce your faith, hope and motivation to change until 365 days.

While the first days of a new year are a great opportunity to start over with a clean slate, reaping the benefits of every step you take throughout the year can be an unrealistic goal. Some changes may take much longer than 12 months to make. For example, some goals can sometimes take years to achieve, such as saving money to buy a house, paying off credit card debt, getting a muscular body, starting your own business. For this reason, even the fact that you manage to set some of your goals on the basis of “start” and “persistence” is reason enough to remain hopeful of change. You may not be able to completely redecorate your home this year, but even researching finishes online, getting an idea from an architect, and putting together a savings plan for the budget you need could mean you hit your goals. You could not change anything in your life, because you did not see the result when it seemed to you that everything remained the same; review the steps you have taken. In fact, you won’t believe how far you’ve come.

Whether it’s a new habit or an attempt to break an old one… The most important part of the “new beginnings in the new year” mentality is that create and stick to a change plan. Take charge of your life, create a to-do list, set time limits, and ask those around you to support you in your decisions. Roadmap, support system and commitment to meaningful change3 most important things that will motivate you and make you change even after the end of January; And the good news: everything is under your control!

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