Why is it important to maintain meditation in the workplace?


About 70% of HR managers top priorities for employee well-being Do you know what they said, it may seem hard to believe at first, but many companies, such as the world famous Apple, Nike, Google, offer various meditation programs to their employees. In other words, all over the world corporate meditation is no longer a trend; became mainstream.

Especially in these difficult times that we are going through socially, when it is difficult for us to focus on our work, we are also in our country. corporate meditation prioritization is critical. When we consider the pain we have experienced, the loss we have experienced, and the intense stress It is essential that the places where we work prioritize our mental health, well-being and well-being, only in this way can we heal both individually and institutionally. Many scientific studies show that corporate meditation;

  • your employees deal with stress Helps.
  • At work efficiency rises.
  • Worker satisfaction and dependence
  • walks at work, sick leave is shrinking.
  • innovation and encourage creativity
  • teamwork enhances it.
  • among employees strengthens the bondIn short, it creates positive effects for both employees and companies in the long run.

The mental, physical and spiritual benefits of meditation are already known, such as less anxiety, better sleep, lower blood pressure, less stress. Good news as far as institutional meditation is concerned; Thus not only is the well-being of the workers improved; enterprises, companies, brands also grow and develop.

However, it should not be forgotten that well-being at work, does not occur spontaneously. This requires many elements such as time, effort, dedicated resources, focus and accuracy. Most importantly, he wants “continuity”. In other words, corporate meditation is not considered successful if only one or two employees are trying to meditate alone at the office desk. For this reason, employers must take responsibility and perform various tasks in order to provide corporate meditation in their companies.

For example, all 14,000 Genentech employees have free access to the Headspace app. Companies like LinkedIn, Adobe, General Electric and Unilever are also realizing the value of the well-being of their employees and offering thousands of employees a variety of meditation techniques to promote both physical and mental health, Headspace said in a statement. Googlewhile it has specially designed meditation rooms for its employees. NASA, employs the services of Curtis Lee Thomas, a world-renowned corporate mindfulness trainer, and offers breathing exercises to his employees. one of the largest companies in India Profile bending on the other hand, he tries to help his employees cope with stress and difficulties through both meditation sections and meditation workshops. In short, many companies around the world know that one of the secrets to success is employee well-being.

So while all of these examples are inspiring, what else can you do? First step proper communication. Employers can explain why corporate meditation is important to increase their employees’ awareness of how to heal together, and they can start preparing to create the most appropriate environment by listening to the needs of their employees. later at work creating the right space necessary. Employees can calmly meditate; It is necessary to identify areas where you can comfortably apply various meditation techniques, both individually and in groups. Sufficiently large and spacious spaces, away from distractions and noise, can be designed to encourage individual and corporate meditation in the workplace. On the other side, get support from an expert also important. The facilitator, who will support, guide, direct and manage the group meditations, may regularly lead the process, conduct relaxation sessions. Moreover, Get feedback can also play a critical role in improving the performance of the entire process. Employers should pay attention to feedback to measure the effectiveness of meditation programs and employee opinions, and with this feedback, the process should be more efficient and effective. It should promote the development of employees in a way that better meets their needs.

Various techniques such as mindfulness, visualization, metta meditation, breathing exercises, mantras, It can be used both individually and in a group. can be easily applied. Hence, the group leader may design it to encourage meditation, especially in the workplace. Employees’ ability to focus on the present moment, relax their body and mind, and repeat out loud speeches that activate positive emotions and thoughts in the group can help them heal individually and in the organization.

Experiencing difficult times, losses and mournful processes; To take care of ourselves as well as improve efficiency in the workplace while tackling livelihood issues, economic crises, uncertainty and worry about the future. we can discover the power of joint action and healing in cooperation and harmony!

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Source: headspace, metreflect, Positivepsychology

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