Why is it important to be playful parents and guide children through play?


Dear parents, especially parents with young children, I can imagine how tired you are… When you talk about childcare, housework, meetings, reports, the busy rhythm of the city, you feel that you have very little time and energy, and you spend as much time as possible in almost all areas of your life. You are looking for solutions that will save you money and not make you very tired; because there are many things you have to cultivate… Am I wrong? Practical recipes, electronic tools to help you clean your house, anything that increases your time may be your favorite right now. And, of course, periods of time when you can be alone with yourself …

When we consider all this, your child will be quiet, calm and pleasant. when he plays with himself It might look perfect. You can take a break from childcare even for a short time; maybe those precious moments when you sip your coffee or do some unfinished business… But your participation in your child’s games Once you understand how important this is both for his development and for strengthening the bond between you, you may want to participate in the times he plays alone. player parent If you want to get a new perspective on life, here is some useful information for you:

What does it mean to be a playful parent and why is it important?

Play is the child’s language, toys are also his words. – Landreth

Guided games for children; scaffold to support adult development areas and enhance learning (preparation of relevant and interesting materials, targeted questions, etc.) It is an enjoyable experience shared by adults and children. playful parentsThey participate in their children’s games and love to share, build and learn together.

semi-structured, interactive It can also be defined as a game genre. While independent and unstructured play is critical to early childhood development; Children can experience a more effective learning process when they benefit from sensitive and compassionate adult support, knowledge and experience.

children, first gaming experience they have a feeling of love and devotion to the adults they are with; they learn to build a common language and their awareness rises. Early play interaction is a skill that supports lifelong positive learning and constructive relationships. For this reason, it is very important to establish a relationship between parent and child through play. Because, as Piaget said, it is one of the first names that come to mind when talking about child development. “Play is the work of a child.”

When you play with a child fun interactionswhich cannot be recreated by any other life experience for its development, a rich and solid foundation that cannot be changed gifts. Parent-led playWhile respecting children’s freedom, exploration, preference and originality, it also cultivates a love of learning and encourages children to participate in play. Interactive Because it is a kind of game, children can reflect their own desires and thoughts, as well as guide their parents’ choices. In this game, children can test their ideas, more creative They have the opportunity to plan classes and arrange games for two with different materials. Memory; The game is not meaningless. Play helps children explore and understand the world. With parental support and guidance, this research and learning is enhanced.

In today’s world that is changing, transforming and becoming a prisoner of technology; The need to play games is more important than ever. As, Children are now more addicted to screens; Therefore, their healthy development is also at risk. It is the responsibility of parents, then teachers and, of course, society to do something about it.

Nurturing your child’s creativity, supporting their development, improving their language skills, strengthening the bond between you, creating more productive work, and most importantly,happy home environment how you can participate in their games to offer; If you are wondering how you can act as a guide, here are some tips to help you…

How to take part in the children’s game?

There are many ways to get involved with your kids’ games and even install and improve games. Think about it first; If you were a child, what would you be doing, how would you like it, what materials would you have around you so that you could spend your time happier, what games would you like to play with your parents?

– Make the most of space and materials. materials, interesting objects clean, organize, sort. Make it touching; so everyone who sees it wants to play 😊 You can also make this arrangement by collaborating with your child.

-As much as possible take advantage of nature. Offer your child natural materials, even if you are not allowed to go outside. Include rocks, twigs and dry leaves that you collect in your garden or forest in your games. Build something; turn it into an art activity, color the cones. In short, let your creativity speak.

-Questions Ask and Encourage Asking Questions. Children are known to love questions… Encourage them to speak and produce open-ended questions. Incorporate new concepts into your conversations. Try to answer the child’s questions as fully as possible.

Sit in your child’s seat; Yeah. See what’s in his room or in the corner where he plays the most. What is missing, what challenges and beckons, how can you improve, whether you will be bored there, you will still be better … Maybe a comfortable pillow, maybe a blackboard or wooden blocks …

– Informative, illustrated, interesting and most importantly age appropriate provide books. In this way, you can plan hours of reading together, encourage new questions, and have fun playing while bringing the characters to life with toys.

-Your child your interests include it in your games. If he likes to build something, he might like blocks, towers, puzzles, Lego. If she likes to draw, consider decorating her wall, painting a picture. It is important to be with you as a parent and have fun together.

You’ll see; These games will be useful for both you and your child…

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