Why do we need to walk 11 minutes a day, according to a scientific study?


“One is greater than zero.” You may have heard this phrase before, and if not, you will be surprised how significant it will become after this article. You will ask why? Because in just 11 minutes a day, you can meet your exercise needs and support your holistic health. Yes, not 1 hour, not 10 minutes, but 11 minutes! A short daily walk (about 11 minutes) can meet your daily exercise needs, according to a new study. While many sources advise us to exercise for about 150 minutes a week – more if possible – this study makes a much more reasonable and easy-to-apply recommendation: 11 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per day, that is, walking.

Why should we walk “11 minutes” a day?

Of course, there are some caveats to the study; it doesn’t tell us that 11 minutes of exercise does anything “special” that 10 minutes of exercise can’t. Only; doing half of the recommended exercise time (75 minutes per week or about 11 minutes per day) indicates that it can benefit us.

A meta-analysis is conducted with more than 10,000 study participants; Participants are followed for 3 years in terms of various factors such as how much they move outside of work, heart disease, cancer, all-cause mortality.

As expected, people who exercise more have a lower risk of death and are less likely to develop diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. This result is consistent with literature data. The researchers found that 150 minutes of exercise per week was suggested by many sources to prevent 16% of premature deaths; On the other hand, another result obtained, and the most surprising one, is this: if you do half the recommended amount of exercise, that is, 75 minutes per week or 11 minutes per day, premature death can be prevented by 10%. Of course, many other factors can influence the degree of activity, as the researchers note, but it turns out that even small short-term exercises every day are much better and healthier than doing nothing.

Well, after all this information, you might be wondering: “Is it enough to just walk 11 minutes a day?” In fact, if you don’t want to do anything else, if that’s not enough, then it’s much better because, as we mentioned at the beginning one is greater than zero… However, it’s worth noting that this isn’t a definitive recommendation for everyone, it’s just an interesting finding from the study, so the old tried and tested information is still valid. Sure, more exercise can be a lot better, but if you’re not going to exercise at all, 11 minutes is better than doing nothing.

The standard and generally accepted recommendation is 150 minutes a week. (or about 21 minutes a day) moderate-intensity exercise, such as walking or cycling. If you are doing more vigorous exercise, such as running, playing basketball, or intense fitness, you can count your minutes at double pace (i.e., 2 times). The idea behind the 11-minute exercise is based on the notion that half the standard recommended level can still be beneficial. So 75 minutes of moderate exercise per week may not be as good as 150 minutes, but Much better from scratch.

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