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Who is the rebellious princess of the royal family, Margaret Rose Windsor?


Princess Margaret, known as a cheerful and spoiled child as a child, when she grew up, turned into a rebellious and beautiful woman, and after the death of her father, Princess Margaret took second place on the throne. The Scottish-born princess had a stormy life. The princess, who chose to fulfill her duty to the kingdom instead of marrying Townsend, whom she calls the love of her life, suffered from deep loneliness throughout her life.

Although he made a name for himself with his turbulent personal life, he continued to search for true love throughout his life. We listen to the life story of Margaret Rose Windsor, Countess of Snowdon, who attracted attention for her striking beauty and life contrary to British royal rules.

Princess Margaret was born on 21 August 1930 at Glamis Castle.

Margaret spent most of her childhood with her older sister and parents. Princess Margaret was the second daughter of Albert Frederick Arthur George, monarch of the United Kingdom from 1936 to 1952.

Margaret was the first member of the British Crown to be born in Scotland in over 300 years.

Uncle Margaret gave up his royal duties in 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson. The marriage of the Princess’ uncle to the previously married man Simpson brought the kingdom to Margaret’s father, George. With the sudden accession to the throne of her father, the fate of the princess and her entire family changed.

Although Margaret had a close relationship with her older sister, the two sisters never got along when they were younger.

So much so that Princess Margaret sometimes woke up at night and said she had dreams that disappointed her sister.

With the sudden death of their father, Elizabeth assumed the throne, and after that date, Princess Margaret was in full view.

Princess Margaret

Margaret, the rebellious princess of the kingdom who made a name for herself with her turbulent personal life, loved the luxury life and drinking.

The princess became addicted to cigarettes and whiskey, and this addiction continued throughout her life.

Margaret was one of those rare individuals who was often considered a controversial member of the British royal family.

Margaret chose to fulfill her duty to the kingdom rather than marry Townsend, whom she called “the love of her life”.

Princess Margaret

Margaret, who fell in love with Colonel Peter Townsend after her father’s death, had to give up her dream of marriage because Peter was widowed. Having made a difficult decision, he buried his love for the colonel in his heart and chose royalty. The princess was only 22 years old at the time.

She married photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones in 1960.

The princess, who buried her love for the colonel in her heart, married a photographer in 1960. The wedding of the princess with Anthony Armstrong-Jones was watched by almost 300 million people. This marriage was the first royal wedding to be broadcast on British television. However, despite the passionate beginning, the marriage soon turned into an unhappy one.

The marriage of Margaret and Anthony did not work out, and in 1978 the couple decided to divorce.

Princess Margaret

The couple had two children, Sarah Chatto and David Armstrong-Jones, from this marriage. On the other hand, Margaret’s marriage to an “ordinary” photographer was not well received by other royal families in Europe.

The Princess became the first high royal family to divorce since Princess Victoria of Edinburgh in 1901.

Margaret went through a tumultuous divorce process. The princess’s divorce in 1978 received quite negative media coverage, and there were rumors in the press that she was romantically involved with several men.

Margaret was second in line to the throne after Queen Elizabeth.

Princess Margaret

Although the beautiful princess was 11th on the throne when she was born, she ended up 2nd in line after the death of her grandfather, the abdication of her uncle, and also her father and then her sister sitting on the throne.

Their father, King George, called Margaret “joy” and Elizabeth “my pride.”

Margaret has always been the most cheerful and flamboyant royal person at court, which is why her father called her “joy”. Elizabeth, on the other hand, was more logical and even-tempered, and her father especially relied on her to carry out royal duties. The father called the eldest daughter Elizabeth “my pride.”

The princess, who has been smoking since she was 15, had part of her lungs removed in the 1980s.

Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret suffered from many health problems after her divorce and could not recover for a long time. The princess, who smoked from an early age, had a malignant growth removed from her skin in 1980, but she still did not quit smoking.

Margaret, the rebellious and beautiful princess of British royal history, died in her sleep on February 9, 2002 after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

Princess Margaret

The princess suffered the second of her recurring cerebral hemorrhages after 1998 and died in her sleep. From Margaret, known as the royal rebellious princess, only joyful photographs and a turbulent life story remain.

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