Where does the magic of habits come from? Why do practitioners continue?


Habits for a happy life are mentioned, suitable habits for a healthy life are suggested, and habits are mentioned, telling the secrets of successful people. In the new year, I want to acquire new habits. What is the magic of these habits, where does it come from? Let’s take a look together.

We make many decisions throughout the day. From what we wear in the morning to what we eat, from the decisions we make about our work to who we meet after work. No matter how big or small, every decision is a waste of energy and time. Even if you don’t notice it.

We also have priorities for the day. Our work, our family, our social circle. When it comes to doing what’s good for us and taking time for ourselves, we usually don’t prioritize that. I have to work, I have to cook for the kids, I have to go to a friend’s birthday Then we see that the day is ending. Play this sport, read this book, do meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, or any other activity that will help reduce stress.”no time left.

On the one hand, you see that someone is doing this regularly. When he sees them, maybe he’ll get through it.”he has no children, of course he has time“,”he does not work at a busy job like me, where will he do it if he will“,”he is rich of course he has free time“… In addition to these, there are still people who have children, are employed, not “rich”, and some of them continue their habits, despite all the obstacles. Have you ever wondered why they stick to their habits and continue to do so despite obstacles? Because habits have some magical effects, and they want those effects to last as long as they experience those magical effects!

Magic effects of habits

  • Increases enjoyment of life: The more you continue to have habits that are good for you, the more you enjoy yourself and the life you live because you make time for things that benefit you in some way, for your health.
  • Facilitates time management: When the frequency of your habits, the place and time of your day are determined, you do not need to think about what to do every time and plan again and again. For example; When Wednesday comes around, you know you’ll be training at 7 p.m. With your habit, it becomes easier to plan other jobs around it.
  • Saves time and energy: When the days and times of your habits, such as sports, grocery shopping, meditation, are determined, you can use your energy and time for other things.
  • It feeds your relationship with the environment: When you do what is good for you, the pleasure you get is reflected in your relationships with the people around you. You will become more understanding towards them, you will listen to them more consciously, you will find the strength to help them, you will be more motivated in your work and motivate your teammates. Remember that water can only flow from a full container. That’s why it’s important to fill your own container first.
  • This will help you get better: Your habits are happier, healthier, more peaceful, more productive; In short, it helps you become the best version of yourself. By continuing to do this, you become “that” person. The more athletic they exercise, the richer they accumulate, the healthier they eat, the more peaceful they meditate…

Are there habits you want to pick up in the new year, but are they growing right before your eyes? Or don’t know how to make it a habit? Do you find it difficult to move forward alone? You are not alone on this journey! In the new year, you will find a program that will maintain the integrity of the mind, body and spirit!

Embrace the Living in the Moment Program – Making a Habit

In January, when he made it a habit to dedicate time to mind, body, and spirit health with online yoga and meditation classes; You will be able to adapt all the habits you want to acquire to new habits by learning habit formation techniques and applying them through group synergy!

Thus, we got into the list of the best-selling books, with over 10 million copies sold worldwide. The Atomic Habits of James Clear The book will tell you. As you learn practical information about habit formation, you’ll begin to incorporate it into your daily life with mini-exercises.

Just one of the life hacks for creating a habit: The influence of the environment is great when you are in the process of acquiring a new habit. You can easily fall back into your old routine when there are no people around with that kind of motivation. So it’s good for you to practice around people who, like you, want to form new habits! Other tips in the program!

Monthly schedule:
Date range: January 9 – February 2
Portal: Live/Zoom (Course recordings will be emailed and can be viewed again within 1 week.)
Live program:
Monday, January 9, 20.00-21.00: Presentation “Introduction to Habit Formation”.
Every Wednesday 08:00-09:15: mindfulness-based yoga
Every Thursday 20.00-21.15: Mindfulness meditation and habit formation practice
For more information and to register for the program, send me a message:
Instagram: momentbiziebel
Email: momentbysibelgmail.com

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