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What you need to know about weeping bridges in the US


The United States of America is a country built on vast lands, with very interesting natural formations. However, the interest of the country is not limited to this. Some of the most interesting sects and cults in history also originated in the United States. As you understand, the interesting things that the United States has are not limited to these formations. The country is also home to interesting structures that are at the center of some creepy stories. And there are dozens of them! The so-called “weeping bridge” is the source of some of the most interesting horror and ghost stories in the US.

Local residents living in the region and thousands of tourists who visit the bridges every year say that the crying and screams of babies are heard on the bridges, who accidentally died or were thrown off the bridge by their parents. Moreover, there are those who say that if you are on the right bridge at the right time, you can see the ghosts of murdered babies. Here’s what you need to know about the weeping bridges that have spawned some of America’s most incredible horror stories.

The tales of weeping bridges are based on three main elements.

Historic bridge, a child and a murderer responsible for the death of a child! It’s also helpful to remember that the killer in the Weeping Bridge stories is usually the child’s mother or father.

With this interesting plot twist, Weeping Bridges has been one of the most popular horror and ghost stories in the entire US for decades. So much so that it is believed that almost every state in the US has more than one weeping bridge.

Some people living in areas with weeping bridges claim to hear children crying and crying.

There are even those who claim that the ghosts of babies appear on some bridges, who died here long ago in a tragic accident or were killed by their families.

Moreover, these narratives are so popular in the country that thousands of people visit the bridges every year only to hear a voice on the bridges crying or meet the ghost of a baby. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most famous weeping bridges in the United States…

Van Sant Bridge

weeping bridge

The Van Sant Bridge, located near New Hope in Pennsylvania, USA, is one of the most famous weeping bridges in the country. The history of the bridge, on the other hand, is very similar to other weeping bridge stories in the country.

According to the story, a woman who long ago became pregnant from an extramarital affair is rejected by her family. The man she is with leaves the woman. A woman who has given birth to a child, but in an extremely serious condition, finds a solution to leave her child on the Van Sant bridge. He then commits suicide by hanging himself from the bars of the bridge. Today, years after this tragic story; There are people who claim that when they crossed the Van Sant bridge, they could hear the cry of the unfortunate baby before he drowned in the river.

Monmouth Bridge

weeping bridge

The Monmouth Bridge in Illinois is one of the most famous weeping bridges not only in the state, but in the entire United States, with a chilling history. The history of the bridge dates back to the 1850s. It is known that the bridge, which at the first construction was completely wooden, was removed from its former place in 1930 and a steel bridge was built about 6 kilometers from it. The history of the bridge differs markedly from other weeping bridge stories in the country. Because the number of people who died in this story is more than one!

Legend has it that a long time ago in this region, a flood flooded a school bus passing over the bridge and drowned all the children on the bus.

weeping bridge

According to the story, after this tragic event, the ghosts of dead children roamed Monmouth Bridge!

To date, many claims have been made about the interesting bridge. One of them was the claim that if someone puts their car in neutral when crossing a bridge, then the car is “steered” in a certain direction.

weeping bridge

Of course, there are many people who want to know the veracity of this statement. The most interesting thing is that this statement was true. Indeed, people driving their cars across the bridge spontaneously headed to the safe zone when they put their cars into neutral. According to rumors that spread throughout the country, those who drove the cars were the ghosts of children who died in a flood many years ago! Fortunately, it later turned out that this interesting phenomenon was caused by the slope of the bridge.

Egyptian road bridge

weeping bridge

The US state of Ohio is one of the regions where weeping bridge stories are most loved. So much so that there is more than one weeping bridge in the state. But the story of the bridge, located near the Egypt Road area of ​​Salem, is the state’s most beloved weeping bridge story. Because there are different versions of the story in which the bridge plays the main role.

The first story is about a woman who has a child out of wedlock, as in the Van St Bridge story, and throws her child off a bridge because his family did not accept him. In another version of the story, there is a child who fell off a bridge and drowned due to the negligence of his parents. Today, some people claim to have encountered the ghost of a father looking for his child near the bridge, while others claim that the bridge is often covered in an interesting layer of fog, especially at night.

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