What you need to know about the “One Rent One Home” campaign


We are all very sorry for the losses that we suffered after the earthquake in Marash, which occurred on February 6th. Everyone is trying their best to bandage our wounds together. In these difficult days Izmir Metropolitan Municipality AND Needs map “Izmir earthquake”One rental one houseThe campaign has been restarted for Kahramanmaras. The campaign aims to bring together people who lost their homes after the earthquake and those who want to support rent or rent out their empty home.

What is a house rental?

One rental one houseas we briefly mentioned above, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality AND Needs Map after the Kahramanmaras earthquake on February 6, 2023, to bring together people who have lost their homes and those who want to help with rent or open their vacant homes for use. solidarity action. As part of the campaign, requests for needs are collected by the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir. The technical infrastructure of the campaign was created by a needs map.

The İzmir Metropolitan Municipality authorities provide communication between participants so that assistance can be provided directly to those in need. The municipality is working in coordination with other municipalities in the earthquake area so that the campaign can be announced to anyone who needs it.

How does One Rent One Nest work?

The One Rent One Home Campaign does not make any money transfers or donations to the Municipality of Izmir or any third party. This is a solidarity campaign that directly brings together people who have been left homeless by the earthquake who want to support rent or open up their vacant houses for use.

How can I support the One Rent One Home campaign?

The website prepared by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Campaign Needs Map are available at www.birkirabiryuva.org. Three options appear on the page:

  • “I want to get rental support”
  • “I want to provide rental support”
  • “I want my house to be used”

People who want to provide rental support, enter the amount of assistance and personal information in the forms here. Minimum 3-month rental support and multiples can be provided. The total amount of rental support for 3 months is set at 10,000 liras. The One Rent One Home campaign connects people who need help with helpful people who donate 10,000 Turkish Liras or more, without intermediaries. Support of less than TL 10,000 is collected into the campaign account at the Nef Foundation and transferred directly to citizens under the coordination of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Homeowners who have an empty home that is usable can also participate in the campaign by filling out a disaster relief declaration and other requested information. The authorities of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality take responsibility for ensuring communication between participants so that help can be delivered directly to those in need.

According to the figures on the campaign website, this campaign has so far TL 12,218,199 deposit has provided. through the campaign Rental support 568 people ladies, 437 people will share their house announced. Certainly our journey is long and still need…

You can visit www.birkirabiryuva.org to contribute and learn more.

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