What you need to know about the corpsewood murders


Throughout history, there have been many hermits. These people, who wanted to live a solitary life away from people, were often described by the rest of society as unusual or strange. Here in the United States, men named Charles Scudder and Joseph Odom also wanted to lead a secluded life in the mid-1970s.

Like other hermits, they were considered strange in their environment. However, the main goal of these two names was not to live a life away from people … They built a house at their own expense in the depths of the desert forests of the US state of Georgia and called it “Corpse Forest Mansion”. This interesting building would later become home to horrific rituals, drug and sex parties and, unfortunately, two horrific murders. Here’s what you need to know about the corpsewood mansion murders…

Dr. Charles Scudder came from a wealthy family and was a professor of pharmacology at Loyola University Chicago.

He had a good job. According to those who knew him, he was a successful, calm and self-confident person. However, in his own words,feelings of helplessness arising from taxes, bills, and watching my old neighborhood turn into an urban ghettoHe longed for an escape. So, in 1976, at the age of 50, Scudder decided to start a new life for himself. The land where he will spend his new life was the forests in the northern part of Georgia …

Dr. Charles Scudder has taken action to start a new life, leaving behind all that is associated with city life.

First, he quit his job. He later sold the property he owned and thus obtained the necessary money to start a new life. Scudder’s girlfriend Jo Odom was with him on this new adventure. The couple spent all their savings and built a beautiful house in a secluded wooded area. They later named the house the Corpsewood Mansion. Within two years, the couple achieved the life of their dreams. However, the couple had some secrets that they kept from everyone…

Dr. Charles Scudder was a member of an organization called the Church of Satan!

The main doctrine of genesis refused to believe in any supernatural being, including the devil, and strongly opposed the suppression of human passions and nature. Scudder also decided to organize the Corpsewood Mansion in accordance with this doctrine. He decorated the outer walls of the mansion with gothic objects, made strange drawings on its windows, filled the halls of the house with skulls, decorated the garden with figures used in the Church of Satan!

When this mansion in the desert forest took its final form, it looked more like a skete than a skete, where strange rituals were easily observed.

corpse tree mansion

So much so that in the future there will even be an urban legend that demon summoning rituals were held in the Corpse Forest Mansion…

The most interesting part of the mansion that Scudder decorated was what the couple called the “pink rooms.”

corpse tree mansion

These rooms were designed for unlimited drug use and orgies. However, because of these rooms and in the Corpsewood mansion, murders occur …

On the night of December 12, 1982, the Corpsewood mansion became the scene of horrific murders!

corpse tree mansion

Scudder and Odom met two men, Kenneth Avery Brock and Samuel Tony West, who lived in a residential area near the mansion. Brock and West were among the regulars at parties held at the mansion. And the owners were killed by these two. However, different claims have been made over the years as to the reasons for the murder.

The first claimed that two men were forced to have sex by the landlords and that they were killed because of it. The other was a horror story of a robbery… According to this statement, Brock and West considered their landlords to be extremely wealthy. So they decided to rob the couple. However, the couple spent all their savings on the Corpsewood mansion. Not wanting to believe this situation, Brock and West killed Scudder and their owner, Odom, with a gun they brought with them on the night of December 12, 1982, and they disappeared, stealing valuables from the house…

The bodies of the murdered couple were found a few days after the incident.

corpse tree mansion

Brock and West turned themselves in to police in the following period. Both men were sentenced to life in prison for the murder.

What the killers said during interrogation made the Corpsewood Mansion a horror legend.

corpse tree mansion

According to the testimony, Odom was killed before the duo. They tortured Scudder, who was later neutralized, and asked him to reveal the whereabouts of the money in the mansion. However, Scudder didn’t give the duo the answer they wanted. They then killed Scudder by shooting him in the head. However, there was another noteworthy moment in the statements of the killers.

Scudder, just before he took his last breath,”i wanted ithe whispered vaguely. A subsequent search of the mansion turned up a portrait painted a few months ago showing Scudder with his hands and mouth tied, with bullet holes on his head, exactly the same as he was the night he was killed! Because of this story, the Corpsewood Mansion has become a mysterious legend at the center of a chilling horror story…

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