What should be the correct handshake for an impressive impression?


The history of the handshake or handshake goes back to ancient Greece. In ancient Greece, the handshake was a way of expressing a sense of trust. By shaking hands with each other, people showed that they did not have weapons. Although there is no such meaning behind a handshake today, a handshake speaks volumes. Given that every interaction people have with each other contributes to the strengthening of human relationships, knowing the correct handshake and handshake techniques can become very important.

It is said that a person is affected by the person in front of him in the first few seconds. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time with another person, this interaction may not be all that important as it will change over time. However, there are times in our lives when we want to impress the other person within the first few seconds. When you go to a job interview or meet someone important who you want to impress, you can demonstrate your confidence and outgoing personality. The easiest way to achieve this is with a reassuring handshake. Here is the formula for an impressive handshake:

1. Get up when shaking hands

If you are not disabled or are not so cramped that you cannot stand up, stand up and shake hands. A handshake is offered standing up and answered standing up.

2. Don’t Forget the Handshake Rules

Gender doesn’t matter who makes the first move in a business handshake. The most important rule of a proper handshake in the business world is to pay attention to the rule of subordination. Usually the offer of a handshake comes from above. For example, if you go to a job interview, the HR manager will be the first to reach out to you. Or, if you are present at the meal, the host of the meal is the first to extend his hand.

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3. The correct handshake is achieved by squeezing the thumbs.

For a proper handshake, the hollows between the thumb and forefinger of people shaking hands should be in contact with each other. When this meeting is over, you can complete the handshake by making eye contact with the other person. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, it may not always be so easy. If there are too many people to shake hands with, the person in front of you may look to the next person while your hands are still clasped. However, eye contact is essential for a proper handshake.

4. Shake hands firmly and warmly

When shaking hands, do not create a dominant impression by shaking hands with the other person. But be sure to shake hands firmly and warmly enough to convey a sense of trust and intimacy. The notches near your thumbs close, the other person’s hand is sensibly shaken, direct eye contact is established, and you can begin to address the other person with a slight smile. Here is a brief history of the proper handshake…

5. Your passion for fashion should not harm another person.

Large rings and various accessories worn on the right hand can scratch and damage the hand of the interlocutor. You can wear the accessories you want to use in your hand, more on your left hand.

6. Pay attention to the age and health of the interlocutor when shaking hands.

Be especially careful when shaking hands with elders. Some older people may be hurt by a firm handshake due to the drugs they are taking or some bone problem and may develop bruising and redness in their hands.

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