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What should be summer makeup?

Summer makeup is one of the most difficult issues for those who like to be well-groomed, regardless of the time of year. The fact that everything we put on our skin in the summer melts in the heat should not put us off makeup. What should be summer makeup? You can find all the tips you need in our article where we answer the question.

Regardless of the season, before applying any makeup, you should apply an effective skin care routine. Cleansing and moisturizing the skin before applying makeup helps the makeup stick to the skin more easily and gives you a healthier look. However, when it comes to summer makeup, our skincare also needs an update.

How to do summer makeup?

All makeup experts agree that we should cleanse our skin of dead skin with an appropriate exfoliation before proceeding with makeup. The first step after peeling is to use a sunscreen suitable for our skin type. Our skin makeup needs to be light enough to withstand the summer heat. Skin imperfections can be masked with a light concealer and, if necessary, even out skin tone with a tinted moisturizer without the use of foundation.

The most important summer makeup tip to make our makeup last longer this season is to apply your skin care products with synthetic brushes! When applied with a brush, called buffing, the products are much easier to absorb into the skin and oily sheen can be prevented. Of course, not only the cosmetics on our skin melt or dissipate in the summer heat. At this stage, it is very important that we prefer waterproof versions of products such as mascara and eyeliner, following eye makeup trends.

Summer makeup trends 2020

  • natural makeup. In 2020, we will have to spend most of the summer at home. Even if we don’t go out and socialize, the best thing we can do to feel good or look well-groomed in online meetings is to apply natural and light makeup! It’s easy to achieve a natural yet lively look with a tinted moisturizer, light brow mascara, dark waterproof mascara, and warm-toned blush. With just four products, you can achieve a fresh and healthy look in five minutes.
  • Pastel shades. The most popular summer makeup trend 2020 is pastel eye makeup. Pastel shades in lilac, yellow or pink are the most fun way to spice up a simple and natural look. You can easily try this trend by dabbing one pastel shade on your eyelids with your fingertips.
  • graphic eyeliner. A very relevant technique for those who do not like bright makeup in the summer, but do not want to fall behind the summer makeup trends 2020. It is very easy to catch this trend with the help of an eyeliner consisting of thin and graphic lines that you will draw with a waterproof eyeliner, light moisturizing cream and lip gloss.
  • Pink lipstick and pink blush. We throw away red lipstick until autumn. Gypsy pink lipsticks and blushes are on trend this summer! The most important thing to keep in mind when applying this trend is to choose long-lasting lipsticks that don’t fade in the summer heat and use a setting powder or spray.
  • white eyeliner. You can follow this trend by changing just one product in your cosmetic bag. An easier way is to opt for white eyeliner instead of eyeliner and define your eyes with thick lines!
  • radiant skin. Glowing skin makeup is certainly not unique to the summer months, but the undeniable fact is that summer is the best season to apply the trend. A healthy glow can be easily achieved with a light foundation or concealer and lots of highlighter. If you have an oily skin type, you should prefer a powder highlighter!

How to do the right makeup?

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