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What is Witch Hazel, also known as American Hamamelis?


The witch hazel plant, also known as witch hazel, has been used frequently in various fields since the 1800s. Witch hazel plays an important role in the treatment of diseases, as well as in the elimination of ailments such as sunburn and dry skin. Today, the bark, branches, and leaves of witch hazel are subjected to various processes and are often used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. So what does the magic plant witch hazel virginia do that is also good for health? Where does witch hazel, known as hamamelis, grow? Is the plant good for the skin? We answer questions.

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What is Hamamelis virginiana, also known as Hamamelis?

Hamamelis, also known as hamamelis, belongs to the pigeon family and is deciduous in winter. Native to various regions of the Americas, this plant has been used by locals for centuries.

While the witch hazel plant is a food, medicine, and care product of choice, this magical plant is also known to be used to treat many health problems, from the common cold to hemorrhoids. The witch hazel plant, which blooms yellow in winter, turns into brown berries in spring. Ointments obtained from witch hazel extract, which has a very useful composition, have been used for many years in the treatment of diseases.

Witch hazel, which is used in the treatment of various health problems, especially skin conditions, is native to many parts of the Americas. But especially eastern Connecticut is known as the region where this plant grows most intensively. For this reason, Connecticut is also known as the witch hazel capital.

However, it can be said that this is a plant prone to growing in cold climates. Witch hazel is one of the most commonly grown plants in Nova Scotia and Wisconsin to the north, North Florida and East Texas to the south, and the Appalachian and New England regions.

What are the Benefits of Witch Hazel Virginia?

What does witch hazel virginia do?

soothes the skin

“What’s Good About Witch Hazel?” The answer to the question is actually quite simple. On the contrary, the benefits of this magical plant are endless. The witch hazel plant, also known as witch hazel, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to soothe the skin. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel, this valuable ingredient can also be used for skin irritation caused by skin conditions such as hemorrhoids, diaper rash and eczema. It is also necessary to pay attention to the rate of use of this plant, which has the ability to relax and heal the skin.

Balances sebum production

Among the benefits of witch hazel oil for the skin is the reduction of oil on the skin. If you have an oily skin type, your skin can accumulate excess oil and clogged pores can be a major concern. Extremely oily skin is more prone to acne and blackheads. One of the benefits of the Hamamelis virginiana plant for skin is that it balances sebum and heals skin imperfections. Witch hazel oil, which is preferred in the treatment of acne and pimples, also balances the sebum production in the skin and prevents oil from clogging pores.

Heals minor skin irritations

If you have minor scratches or injuries on your body, you can easily use witch hazel. The benefits of witch hazel may surprise you when it comes to sticky situations like minor cuts or razor bumps. Irritated or inflamed skin develops redness and swelling. As a reminder, you can soften these marks on the skin by applying witch hazel oil.

Tightens pores

Hamamelis virginiana also refreshes and tightens clogged pores. As we age, the collagen in our skin breaks down. As a result of this reaction, the skin loses its elasticity and flabbiness begins. This sagging hinders the smoothness of the skin by enlarging the pores. You can use witch hazel to tighten pores. Witch hazel oil has lifting properties. Used regularly, Witch Hazel helps to shrink pores. When you apply witch hazel to your skin regularly, you will notice that your skin tightens and looks younger over time.

How to use?

What does witch hazel virginia do?

“What’s Good About Witch Hazel?” We have answered the question above. So, how to use witch hazel? Let’s start with clear skin. Cleanse your skin well. After cleansing your skin, spray witch hazel toner onto your skin and gently apply it directly to your pimples. Alternatively, you can mix witch hazel with aloe vera gel and apply it directly to sunburned skin. As another method of application, you can use witch hazel infusion to use in a face mask or after shaving.

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