What is the spring equinox? What does it mean? What are their rituals?


The winking attitude of the sun, the way March looks from behind the door, the pinking buds, the moving nature, the sounds of the rising cat and much more, we are looking forward to it. harbinger of spring. But most of all falling plugs and make us shiver the vernal equinox. It almost gives us good news about the spring energy that comes slowly… Surely, as we think about the difficult days we are going through, we all need hope that spring will bring more than ever. So what is it the vernal equinox AND semre fell here are the answers…

What does the fall of the tsere mean?

Every year we hear; The first camre fell, all three fell sayings like… What does that mean? fall semre And where does cemre fall?

The fall of Cemre, regarded in Turkish culture as a harbinger of spring, is a tradition dating back to Central Asia. traditional faith. For three weeks, one graveyard falls every week, and these falls sign of the approach of spring interpreted as. Chemre usually falls on February 19-21, February 26-28 and March 5-7. first cemetery to the air falls, second in waterand third to the ground

Cemre in TurkishfireIt means “and is interpreted as the fall of the cemre, renewal, rebirth and rebirth of the air, water and soil. fall semreIt has become an important tradition in our culture to celebrate the beginning of spring. Various feasts, celebrations are due to the glory of this wonderful time. In addition, the reduction of semre is of great importance, especially for people involved in agriculture and animal husbandry. Because the fall of the cemre means that the right conditions are created for the soil to warm up and the plants to grow. Therefore, both for man and for nature This is a harbinger of renewal, rebirth and fertility.

Cemre falls; air, water and soil are activated, first our surroundings and then our insides begin to heat up, and as March slowly progresses, the sounds of cats begin to become louder, equinox time comes. the vernal equinox With it comes the moment we have been longingly waiting for; the beginning of spring…

When is the spring equinox?

21 March With the advent of spring, it becomes official. the vernal equinox This date, as we know it, is an astronomical event that occurs at the same time every year. This date refers to the exact moment when the sun crosses the equatorial line, and synchronized day and night. in Latin equinox means equal and night consists of a combination of words. Due to the tilt of the earth’s axis on these dates The sun’s rays are evenly distributed between the northern and southern hemispheres of the Earth. This is the time when day and night are the same length.

the vernal equinox, beginning of spring in the northern hemisphereindicates the beginning of autumn in the southern hemisphere. In our country, which is located in the northern hemisphere, another date of the equinox, after the day and night were equal on March 21st. until September 21 days last longer than nights, and in the southern hemisphere the situation is reversed.

With the awakening of nature Seeds and hopes sprouted together are harbingers of innovation and beauty. The days begin to grow longer, the soil revives, the voices of the birds sound, the gardens become colorful, and it is time to let go of our burdens and relieve ourselves; first from our homes and then from our minds…

This is an important date in different cultures. March 21, vernal equinox Iranians accept the beginning of the new year and celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. On the other hand, Easter in Christianity is celebrated on the first full moon after the spring equinox. In other words, although the vernal equinox is celebrated differently in different cultures around the world, its importance remains. In our culture and habits, the expression “spring” is primarily associated with “cleanliness”. Spring cleaning is a type of spring ritual in which we cleanse our homes of both excess and negative energy and is probably one of the most common equinox practices. How about another? Here are the rituals corresponding to the spirit of the spring equinox:

rites of the spring equinox

Cleaning is, of course, one of the most important spring preparations, but we must take as much care of ourselves as we would our house; We must pay special attention to our diet, exercise, personal care and make seasonal changes. Here’s what you can do to harness the energy of the spring equinox:

1. Clean, sift, edit, replace

This is a wonderful place where carpets are beaten, windows are opened and wiped, sheets are changed, and blankets are replaced with thinner ones. spring cleaning state! You can roll up your spring cleaning sleeves to start the changes and transformations in your home. Get rid of what you don’t wear, get rid of things you don’t use, add color and spring energy to your decor. Move large furniture to let in light, plant new plants, colorful potted flowers. for more tips Spring Decorating: Inspirational decorating suggestions to bring spring into your home Check out our article. Moreover energy cleansing at home Don’t forget to do it too!

2. Breathe fresh air, use the power of nature

Is there anything like outdoor training! We must leave the cold of winter and the feeling of isolation in nature and immerse ourselves in nature … Move your exercises to fresh air to merge with the chirping of birds, the smell of rosebuds and the joy of nature. Take March 21 as a milestone and outdoor sports Dive into the fresh air every day and every day you have the opportunity to do so. But don’t expect to go outside to be alone with nature. Ways to reconnect with nature in city life Find ways to strengthen your connection to nature at home, inspired by our article.

3. Eat seasonally, eat spring fruits and vegetables

The nights are getting shorter and the days longer; To be able to keep up with the changes in nature and get the most out of our daily lives, in harmony with the energy of spring, during this period when the weather becomes warmer and the stagnant and slow winter gives way to movement and vitality. . Spring fever It is very important to deal with the feeling. regulate eating habits and feeding with seasonal products, This is one of the most important steps for both getting the nutrients we need in the best possible quality and richest way, and for physically adapting to the changing seasons. To discover spring fruits and vegetables and eat right: Spring fruits and vegetables and seasonal food: what to eat in spring?

4. Take care of yourself

This is a great time to cleanse our body both inside and out! When was the last time you declared an entire day a day of care or enjoyed a spa at home? homemade masks With, aromatherapy recipes You can catch the energy of spring with Light the candles you love to smell, prepare incense, apply creams that are good for your skin, and listen to a song of your choice in the background. playlist open. Spring is here, peace is here…

5. Purify your soul

Let’s erase the traces of winter, rain, snow, running and haste… Just as we meet spring with clean houses, it’s useful to start all over again, having cleansed our soul. You can cleanse our soul with tools to nourish our spiritual side such as meditation, crystals, essential oils and more. For inspiration in spiritual cleansing What is spiritual cleansing? 12 easy ways to get rid of negative energy Don’t forget to check out our article.

Apart from all these practices, you can also find special spring rituals that will lift your spirits. Go outside, feel the sun, smell the flowers, see your home through the eyes of change, try fresh recipes in the kitchen, read, listen, watch something new, enjoy the coming of spring to your heart’s content!

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