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What is the Silk Lash App?

One of the most important moments of a woman, giving a deep meaning to the look, is the eyelashes…
Sometimes we are faced with short and sparse eyelashes that are congenital, and sometimes fall out later. Now we have the opportunity to achieve voluminous, thick and long eyelashes in a short time, which is what each of us dreams of. “We hear it everywhere”silk eyelashesWhy? Let’s take a look. OnlineBeauty is made for you!

-Firstly, this is the real name for this application. silk used!

-People who are not very happy with their sparse, short, blonde lashes usually prefer this app.

your silky eyelashes The length, volume and thickness are selected according to the request of the person and the structure of the eye.

-Thickness and length are determined according to the preference of the person. silk eyelashes Apply to all eyelashes, gluing them one at a time.

Silk eyelashes The application process is usually completed within 1-2 hours.

your silky eyelashes The bonding process is carried out using organic or hypoallergenic adhesives. In this way, negative health effects are prevented.

silk eyelashes It can be used from 3 weeks to 6 months.

-During this period of time silk eyelashes it begins to fall off, separating from the person’s eyelashes.

Applying silk eyelashes You can put on the eye makeup you want, but you have to choose your makeup remover bases specifically. (You should prefer oil-free products.)

your silky eyelashes If you want to use it for a long time, you should choose professionals paying attention to its maintenance and not interrupting periodic maintenance.

– This process, which has been a favorite lately, will suit you very well and sharpen your look even more!

* Important tips;

your silky eyelashes When you want to remove it, you should not do it yourself, otherwise you may damage your own eyelashes. Your specialist will help you.

Applying silk eyelashes One of the most important things you should pay attention to depending on the length of your new lashes after you have them done is the sleeping position. Be careful not to sleep on your face, your eyelashes may be deformed.

– You should pay attention to cleansing your face and removing make-up. Of course, you can easily wash your face, but your silky eyelashes You must not touch the soap. To do this, it is useful to use cleaning products recommended by your specialist.

– One of the important points is periodic maintenance; When you go without a hitch your silky eyelashes You can achieve smooth and healthy eyelashes.

-Don’t forget the shedding period, which is the natural balance of lashes, silk eyelashes it’s harmless. You will have lashes that fall out according to your natural balance. With periodic maintenance, your new lashes will be added.

Take a look at the places that are best for applying silk lashes.

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