What is Tai Chi and what are its benefits?


In the fast-flowing structure of the modern world, which is losing its naturalness day by day, most of us are looking for ways to recharge our body and mind, return to the “natural and slow” flow of nature and try to find balance. we lost. While there are various ways to find the peace we need, research shows that tai chi is an effective way for people of all ages to harmonize with nature and heal both body and mind. Bride, What is Tai Chi as well as how it affects our health Let’s take a closer look.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a practice from ancient China, where it is known to have originated as a martial art. it’s an exercise for the mind and body. While its original starting point was defensive, many experts around the world recommend it as an effective health exercise. Tai Chi is based on harmony between mind and body. moving meditation that includes a series of gentle exercises happening. Main Purpose of Tai Chi Ensure that “qi”, which is the internal life energy, flows smoothly and strongly throughout the body.. Therefore, it is a spiritual experience and not just a physical one.

In tai chi, the movements are fluid, graceful, circular and slow. Taking deep breaths When practiced, Tai Chi maintains both visual and mental concentration, relaxes the body and energizes the body, namely qi to flow freelyallows it to circulate throughout the body.

Although at first glance it may seem difficult to grasp the order, level, intensity and flow of movements, tai chi pretty easy to learn This is a type of exercise, and according to many experts, this is a person who learns and begins to practice. a lifetime journeytakes it out. In addition, it is a type of exercise that can be applied almost anywhere, in any condition, and since the levels of movement can be adjusted according to the physical condition and condition of the person. suitable for everyone This is a sport.

How does tai chi affect holistic health?

This unique body and mind exercise has many holistic health benefits, and research continues to uncover the broader benefits of tai chi for the body. Here are the health benefits of tai chi that will encourage you to try it at your earliest opportunity:

1. Promotes Fat Burning

If you think intense or boring exercise is the only way to lose weight, you might change your mind. According to many studies, Tai Chi speeds up the process of losing weight by supporting fat burning and reducing waist circumference. In fact, many experts confirm that it can be used as an effective method in the treatment of obesity.

2. Relieves pain

If you suffer from muscle and joint pain or have skeletal problems, Tai Chi can help you relax. Scientific studies show that tai chi exercises are effective in relieving muscle pain. A study of adults with fibromyalgia published in the Journal of Holistic Nutrition found that those who practiced tai chi improved their symptoms more than those who did traditional aerobic exercise.

3. Supports the cardiovascular system

Tai chi has more of an impact on your heart than you might imagine given such a slow series of movements. A study published in the journal Heart & Lung found that adults with hypertension who practiced tai chi had significantly lower blood pressure and body mass index than those who were regularly treated for hypertension. Another similar study showed that Tai Chi plays an active role in improving heart health in adults. Maybe slow down the healing of the heart a little?

4. Improves mood

You may know that many studies have shown that exercise has a positive effect on mental health. The situation is similar with Tai Chi. Tai Chi, a form of mind-body exercise, promotes well-being and promotes mental health by improving mood. Many studies draw attention to the fact that people who do tai chi have a lower risk of depression and psychological disorders, and also show that it is effective in reducing stress.

5. Prevents falls and injury

Established as one of the most effective balance exercises, Tai Chi strengthens bones and muscles, preventing the risk of falls and potential injury. A study published in the Journal of the Gerontologist found that participants who practiced tai chi had stronger muscles, better balance, and higher physical endurance than those who did not. On the other hand, the National Institutes of Health continues to recommend tai chi as an important exercise for improving balance in the elderly.

6. Strengthens the immune system

In addition to its physical and mental benefits, Tai Chi also supports holistic health and helps boost the immune system. A study published in the American Journal of Health looked at the amount of antibodies in the blood following a vaccine and noted an increase in the number of T cells in response to the vaccines in participants who performed tai chi exercises. The same study also showed that tai chi improves bone density and reduces the risk of falls.

7. Reduces fatigue

Tai chi has been associated with increased energy levels for years, and a study published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management found that tai chi reduces fatigue. This study, which looked at how autonomic nervous system balance affects energy levels in cancer patients, found that participants who practiced tai chi experienced less fatigue.

7. Promotes a healthy sleep cycle

A study published in the journal Nature and Science of Sleep indicates that Tai Chi exercises are associated with improved sleep quality. Studies examining the quality of sleep in adults show that people who practice tai chi have a healthier sleep cycle than those who don’t.

So, who should try Tai Chi? Tai chi is often recommended for older adults to improve balance and prevent falls and injury, but many experts agree that it is a must-try for people of all ages due to its holistic health benefits. Ruth Taylor-Piliae, Associate Professor at the University of Arizona “I recommend that all people of all ages and backgrounds try tai chi. Tai Chi is a flexible, adaptable form of exercise for everyone.” it raises awareness.

Principles of Tai Chi

One of the world famous practitioners of tai chi, which is based on flow, balance and serenity. Dr. Paul Lamindicates that Taijiquan is easier to understand and apply with the help of 3 basic principles. Continuing to help millions of people around the world improve their health and well-being since 1996, Dr. Paul Lam’s work is supported by many foundations. A well-known physician and tai chi specialist lists the three main principles of this effective exercise:

  • Motion control: Tai chi movements are slow to help integrate your mind and body. It is almost as smooth as the water flowing in a river. This continuous flow collects internal energy, such as hydraulic force, which grows as it flows. Each movement generates a gentle inner strength.

Act as if you are resisting light resistance. Imagine that the air around you is condensing, or imagine that you are moving in water.

  • body structure: Vertical posture is very important in tai chi, as it strengthens the spine and all the muscles, and also gives more room for the internal organs. Moreover, qi (life energy) flows better in an aligned body. Poor posture puts additional stress on the spine and disturbs balance.

Control your body, make sure that you are always upright, be in harmony with it, as part of nature.

  • Internal components: Relaxing, coming back to yourself, slowing down, and being in the moment are some of the building blocks of Taijiquan. In order to do all this, it is necessary to focus on the inner world. Acting with awareness of both body and mind and being able to use internal resources is an important component of taijiquan.

Move your muscles by singing. Pay attention to the main thing. Focus to return to your essence, to listen to your inner voice.

Dr. Although these three principles, which Lam has worked on and transmitted over the years, seem simple, they are, in fact, quite profound, he says. If you wish, you can view the posts of the famous doctor and taijiquan expert on the YouTube channel and add this exercise to your programs. You can watch videos prepared for all levels and listen to the benefits of this unique exercise:

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