What is old money style? How to adopt an unfussy rich style?


If you spend time on TikTok, you probably “old money style” the term popped up. Well, are you interested? what is old money style? Although the term has been around for a very long time, it is gaining more and more attention, especially lately thanks to social media. We know that fashion is always in motion. However, it must be recognized that there are some “timeless styles” that never go out of style. The biggest proof of this aesthetics of old money The fact that we are attracted by the elegance of this style, which is also known as

What is old money style?

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Firstly what is old money styleLet’s start by answering the question. The term “old money” is often used to refer to rich people who have inherited their wealth from a prominent family. That’s why old money style A sense of style that comes from the pursuits and pleasures of a luxurious life. To better understand this style, you can imagine Princess Diana and her post-ski style.

old money style Incidentally, recently King III. CharlesNot to mention the image displayed. As you know, members of the royal family, wear old clothes over and over frequently discussed topic. However, the last image the king gave left stunned those who saw him again. King III. Charlesduring a visit to Brick Lane with his wife Camille, to the historic mosque entrance. Take off your shoes when entering the mosque one of the royal stockings is torn turned out.

Royal fans were, of course, shocked to see the 74-year-old king’s socks. However, some stylistseverything may not be as it seems. upper class people, some not related to wealth way, particular style of dress they tend to have. Celebrity stylist Rochelle White among rich people “old money” AND “new money” He says that there are two different styles of clothing:

“Often wealthy people from generation to generation tend to wear designer pieces that don’t stand out with their brand. In fact, they may be dressed in £18,000 clothes, but their clothes may seem to the average person to be quality and well-fitting simple clothes.”

Features of the old money style

As we briefly mentioned above, aesthetics of old moneya sign of family wealth. Despite this new moneyafterwards rich; It is used to represent flamboyant and exaggerated styles. Therefore, these two aesthetic understandings were opposed to each other. Fine Features of the old money style What?

  • aesthetics of old money stylish, monochromatic and underlined luxurious consists of clothes. Even for this style “quiet luxury” term is also used.
  • in clothes logo not preferred.
  • luxury clothing, in different forms reflected.
  • Quality designer clothes, tailoring and classic American training focuses.
  • upper class people peculiar There is a fashion and clothing standard. One of the main indicators of the adoption of the old money style is not “the latest trends”, but “Investing in timeless things”truck.
  • Old money style people tend to “avoid trends” and adhere to the “classic style” usually. Princess DianaHe adhered to this philosophy throughout his life. Generally with designer clothes without logo This gave an image, but of course they were all very high quality.
  • Instead of flashy clothes in the style of old money, just a single item that stands out, such as an accessory. waist tied. So when you look at someone like that, it’s probably one bold, bold piece you’ll see.
  • Another feature of this style is sustainable fashion be related to. Prince Harry was spotted again in 2018 wearing the gray blazer he wore nearly 40 years ago. Known for his aversion to spending, Harry said he would rather overvalue a quality item than replace it with a new one in his wardrobe. Stylists interpret this situation as follows: “Because upper-class people know that they have the ability to buy what they want with money, they are more likely to have more problems that can become their daily lives. investment in classical works They make. More likely those clothes again they will wear.”

What to do with old money clothing style?

What is old money styleNow you know. This simple and elegant style is not only used by members of the royal family; Today it is preferred by many people. As can be seen from the information we have provided above, although the origin of the old money clothing is based on unimaginable wealth, adopting this style does not require a nine-figure bank account. you too reclaiming clothes from old money for women men below main parts You can add it to your wardrobe.

1. Mandatory attributes of women with old money: blazers, riding boots, white tennis clothes.

  • Blazer: The jacket is one of the iconic elements of the old money aesthetic. This item can look unique with jeans. Or wear it with a stylish midi skirt and sweater for a casual yet sophisticated look. Opt for a long, loose-fitting blazer for a more classic look.
  • Riding boots: Equestrian boots are not only a must-have for the old money aesthetic, but also one of the hottest footwear trends for the fall/winter season.
  • White tennis clothes: Nothing looks like “old money” like a fresh white tennis suit. Tennis skirts have definitely gained popularity in recent years; because they are incredibly versatile and go well with a wide variety of combinations. You can also pair all white tennis in the summer to create this look.

2. Mandatory attributes of men in the style of “old money”: moccasins, polo shirts, chinos.

  • Moccasins: Let’s face it, there’s nothing more stylish than a pair of loafers. Pair them with straight-cut chinos and a sweater. Here you are! Loafers are usually worn without socks (or at least with invisible socks), but if you want to add some color to your look, you can wear them with a pair of colorful or patterned socks.
  • Polo T-shirt: The classic polo shirt is a must for men when it comes to old money aesthetics. Often, a fully tucked-in polo shirt can be a casually stylish outfit. It’s impossible not to look stylish in a plain or striped polo shirt.
  • Chinos: Chinos are timeless and every man should have at least one in his closet. And, of course, it fits perfectly with the old money aesthetic. Feel free to experiment with different styles (high-waisted or looser-fitting) at this stage, just avoid choosing clothes that are too tight as this can cause wrinkles or puckering.

What is old money styleexplained in detail. in a nutshell “old money style” shop consciously and add to your wardrobe timeless works about inclusion. The presence of eternal works is also never grow old AND will not get hung up on time trends means to have clothes. This sounds very attractive.

You can browse our old money style list to find related products and create your own style.

Sources: dailymail.co.uk, stylight

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