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One of the magical inventions in the world of makeup, serum foundations deliver natural results while taking care of your skin. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid in its composition, it makes the skin flawless and at the same time provides moisture and elasticity to the skin. Imagine your makeup and skin care products combined in one product. Wouldn’t that be amazing! We’ve rounded up serum foundations that are therapeutic and nourishing to provide the perfect finish to your makeup. What is tinted serum and how is it applied? How to apply nourishing serum? What are the prices for foundation serums? Read on for answers to all your questions and a list of the best foundation serums👇

What is a serum base?

Before opening the whey base file we have prepared for you, let’s find out what a whey base is. A serum base is the name given to a concentrated base that contains skin care ingredients in its formula. Serum foundations, made by combining a classic foundation with beneficial skincare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, are grabbing attention in the makeup world. Serum foundations that hydrate and smooth the face for a flawless look are one of the must-have makeup products in every makeup bag. Especially if you have sensitive and dry skin, you may be uncomfortable with the flaking that occurs after applying foundation.

Sometimes, even if you apply a lot of moisturizer before foundation, it can be difficult to control dry skin. At such moments, tonal serums come to the rescue, which intensively moisturize the skin thanks to hyaluronic acid in their formula. On the other hand, it also helps to increase the moisture retention in the skin. One of the most curious things about whey bases is the price scale. We would like to remind you that this skin and makeup product, which is only available from certain brands, varies in price from brand to brand. For this reason, it should be noted that there are both affordable and expensive options.

How is it applied?

what is whey base

So how do you apply serum to your skin? Using foundation serum is actually very practical. In fact, we would like to say that it requires a simpler application than conventional funds. We remind you that you will not need to use an additional moisturizer or makeup base due to its moisturizing function. First of all, take care to take enough product to apply the serum to clean skin. Be sure to shake well before use to activate the contents of the base serum. Apply 2-3 drops of tinted serum in liquid form to face and spread with fingers. If you like moister and wetter skin makeups, you can apply foundation with a damp makeup sponge. Serum foundation is definitely one of the best options for those who are looking for instantly smooth and clean makeup. Now that we’ve answered questions like what is tinted serum and how to apply it, we can take a look at our favorite products together.

1. Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Moisture Base

Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Hydrating Foundation sits at the top of our list of the best serum foundations. The serum base, which provides a bright and natural look, also provides a fairly high degree of coverage. Promising intense hydration thanks to the special ingredients in its formula, this Clarins specially formulated product is one of our favorite products on our list of serum foundations. You can click here to view and purchase this velvety foundation serum that will give your skin a fresh and healthy glow.

2. L’Oréal Paris True Match Nude Serum

Containing 1% hyaluronic acid, this color serum helps brighten skin and smoothen its texture. This revolutionary innovation not only makes the skin firmer, but also gives it a radiant and balanced look like a foundation. True Match Nude Serum Foundation is a candidate to become one of the indispensable conditions of your daily makeup!

This innovative formula; while your skin feels hydrated all day long, on the other hand, it gives the skin a plump look. It helps hide the appearance of skin problems such as fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin. The serum base, which provides a bright and lively appearance, has no comedogenic structure. Recall that it has a suitable composition for sensitive skin. Finally, we would like to add that the product has been approved by the dermatologists of the L’Oreal Paris Advisory Committee. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

3. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

what is whey base

Another of the most ambitious serums on our list is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Serum Foundation, one of the successful products of the Estee Lauder family, is one of the products that will complement your daily makeup. This lightweight, non-marking highlighter retains its shape for up to 12 hours, even in very humid environments. Made from quality materials using natural ingredients, this product provides a clean finish to the leather while smoothing out its texture. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

4. New Well Porcelain Make Up Derma Cover Serum

what is whey base

Helping the surface of your skin achieve a flawless appearance, New Well Porcelain Make Up Derma Cover Serum Foundation is one of the most successful serum foundations on the market. Concealing unwanted blemishes and the appearance of skin, this foundation serum delivers flawless makeup. A product that easily adapts to different skin tones, helps your skin tone become brighter and more radiant.

It has been specially prepared to cover bruises, freckles, age spots, acne scars and many other under eye blemishes thanks to its intense concealer. You can choose this serum-like product that is compatible with all skin types for your daily make-up due to its light texture.

In addition, this base, which is often used for makeup of actors in front of the camera, does not shine in the light of the screen and gives a matte finish. We remind you that when applying foundation to the skin, you must first apply it in small dots. Then the right step is to apply it with a brush or sponge in buffering motions. Thus, by increasing the coverage of the serum base, you can get a more natural finished makeup. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

5. Avon Foundation Serum

what is whey base

Shown as a confident entry into the world of Avon’s serum foundation, you’ll witness that makeup and skincare can be done at the same time when you use this foundation. Designed to correct uneven color tone, thanks to its special formula containing vitamins C and E, it provides an immediate feeling of hydration that lasts up to 72 hours. As a reminder, it protects against harmful sun rays with SPF30. At the same time, it does not clog pores and provides moisture resistance. You can click here to view and purchase the product in detail.

6. Flormar Foundation – Fusion Power Serum Foundation

what is whey base

We complete the list of the best serum foundations Flormar Fusion Power Serum Foundation, light and giving the skin a revitalized look. Thanks to the algae extract it contains, this foundation serum, which protects the skin’s moisture balance, can also be considered as a care product. On the other hand, with SPF 20, it helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Fusion Power Serum Foundation offers you 7 different tone options depending on your skin tone. You can click here to view Fusion Power Foundation Serum Rose in detail and purchase the product.

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