What if you only have 5 minutes left to live?


We are all together as one story and this story is rare into a fairy tale looks like. Striving back and forth along the path of life, things we will regret later what we say and do amazing not a situation. Back in the past moments of regret above without thinking If we continue it’s a regret for years We can keep listening. So the thing is, do not be sorry not out of regret take lessons from. Otherwise, this negative emotion unconsciously our body and mind loaded We become After all, this is a serious weight. Some of us experience shame and regret all our lives without even realizing it. Because instead of resolving these complex and dark emotions clouding his heart and mind, he will carry them for the rest of his life.

Imagine if someone told you about the journey of life. by the end says you’ll come and even then you’re still in past or unavailable in future you live. Even then does not forgiveyour true feelings I do not see or you can’t express. Is this the end you deserve for yourself? To spend the last moments of your life on a train of regrets racing through your mind, surrounded by loved ones (if you’re lucky, of course) and not at the moment?

Most likely, your life, like most of us, has not been without incident so far. You have experienced regret and shame for some of your actions due to negative experiences; Perhaps you have spent a certain part of your life in sadness with their severity. Although all this is part of the human experience, there is another way; a life of awareness, self-compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude.

What if time suddenly runs out?

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross‘Glory About death and dying His book (“On Death and Dying”) contains excerpts from many interviews with terminally ill people. Some of the regrets of the people described in the book failures, missed opportunities AND unable to give more to those left behind pertaining to. People usually lives they didn’t live feel sorry for them, and for this they greatly they regret. However, very little research has been done to support this idea.

Bronnie Ware‘from 5 things we regret the most before we die and her book titled is based on what she shared in candid conversations she had while caring for deathbed patients. There is no scientific evidence to support the anecdotal regrets listed in the book, but they are really interesting because they seem quite plausible. Common themes about regrets, although unscientific, are:

  • I would like to take better care of my body.
  • I would like to have the courage to live more correctly.
  • I wish I had the courage to express my feelings.
  • I wish I could say “I love you” more.
  • I wish I could stop holding a grudge.
  • I would like to quit my job and spend more time with my family.
  • I wish I had more contact with my friends.
  • I would like to be the best person in conflicts.
  • I wish I had understood earlier that happiness is a choice.
  • I wish I could chase my dreams.

Are they all that sad?

Things you will never regret

No matter how old you are now, you may have the same regrets as above. It is worth remembering again: Regret is a very valuable “experience of being human” if considered consciously. it can turn into We’ve all been able to hurt, disappoint, or talk behind someone’s back before. These for execution No, for not reconciling You must be sorry. What we have done wrong in the past usually does not define us. What worries us over time is what we don’t do. This is why there is always room for regret along the path of life, and there always will be. In addition, you can completely change your point of view by focusing on things that you will never regret. At work you will never regret what you did some things.

  1. Healthy food.
  2. Secret storage.
  3. To thank a person.
  4. Sharing half of your clothes with someone in need.
  5. Hike on the new trail.
  6. To apologize to someone.
  7. Avoid gossip.
  8. writing a poem.
  9. Refusal to do something wrong.
  10. Overcoming addiction.
  11. On a bike with a small child.
  12. Kiss your loved one.
  13. Give someone a nice gift.
  14. Home delivery of fresh flowers.
  15. Exercise.
  16. Read To Kill a Mockingbird.
  17. Calling an old friend.
  18. Forgiveness of past wrongs.
  19. Take a day off.
  20. We go to the beach and look at the sea.
  21. The development of spirituality.
  22. Capture a great moment.
  23. Finding a job you love.
  24. Retell a funny memory over and over.
  25. To be more patient.
  26. Writing a handwritten letter.
  27. treat someone to dessert
  28. This means that I love you.
  29. Use of stairs.
  30. Chatting with parents.
  31. Tip generously.
  32. Ask an old man about his childhood.
  33. To end the mistake.
  34. Taking a hot bath.
  35. Drinking a glass of water.
  36. Be a lark.
  37. Waving to a child.
  38. Good wishes.
  39. Find out the name of the bank employee who called you, ask how he is.
  40. smile.
  41. Finding a passion for life.
  42. Get a scheduled inspection.
  43. Donate to charity.
  44. Encouragement of the young man.
  45. be an optimist.
  46. Learning to cook.
  47. Turn off the TV.
  48. Pay for someone’s drink.
  49. Getting rid of unnecessary items.
  50. Visit to the art museum.
  51. laugh at yourself.
  52. Learning a second language.
  53. Take up meditation.
  54. Compromise in discussion.
  55. Meeting with neighbors.
  56. Rocking a child to sleep.
  57. Do yoga.
  58. To save money.
  59. Listening to both sides of an argument.
  60. Getting the next book from the library.
  61. Show kindness to elders.
  62. Define your values.
  63. Eating out.
  64. Developing a more grateful mindset.
  65. Listening to classical music.
  66. Do not send messages, emails in anger.
  67. Compliment a stranger.
  68. Increasing self-confidence.
  69. Kitchen cleaning.
  70. Box organization.
  71. Listen.
  72. Help the person find himself.
  73. Breakfast.
  74. Looking into the eyes of the interlocutor during a conversation.
  75. When people talk, look them in the eyes.
  76. Making a new friend.
  77. Build a sand castle.
  78. I share the recipe.
  79. Worry less.
  80. Be a minimalist.
  81. The choice of what to fight and what to refuse.
  82. Creating a life you will enjoy
  83. Say yes to opportunities, even if you are afraid.
  84. Say “no” when necessary.
  85. Choose private time instead of going to a party just because you feel like it.

Before you regret, have pity

Finally; we are all simple once we were born. and life what do we think Briefly speaking. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget what really matters. Later do not be sorry We must make the most of what we have and what life has to offer. To do this, we suggest you conduct a simple study.

Take a piece of paper and a pen for just a few minutes. “You only have 5 minutes left to live” imagine. At the same time, leave the past and the future aside, focus only on the present moment. Remember; You have 5 minutes left.

Think about your regrets when you say goodbye. Take some time to consciously breathe in these thoughts. Then write them down on paper without filtering yourself. At work quick to-do list ready!

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