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This month I was able to visit two different exhibitions from theaters as I found time. One of the exhibitions was at the Evin Art Gallery, which I love very much. Visiting the gallery mansion in Bebek is always very expensive for me. Situated on a hilltop away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul, this mansion, adorned with a vision of three generations, always makes me feel like a sweet break from life with warm hosts Osman Iem and Gizem Kahya Iem. Moreover, this time the curator was Osman Iem. Brave world again I was also excited because I met artists at the exhibition. Especially Tugche Aryoz and Kader Gench fascinated me with their talents and innovative discourse.

Brave world againis an exquisite discovery by Ayem, who loves to find names thanks to her cinematic background as well. My favorite writer is Aldous Huxley Brave new world Here, of course, there is a reference to the novel. More precisely, the expression of the parcel is inappropriate here, perhaps we can say that this is more of a greeting.

In the exhibition text prepared by him, Iem expressed in great detail and clearly the holistic mission of both Evin Sanat and this exhibition. If we look at it from the point of view that art, which is the purpose he mentioned, can remain pure art and that the exhibition must be read with the concepts of continuity, tradition, influence, development and evolution, trying to do so. Brave world again becomes even bolder in our eyes.

Source: evin-art.com

Especially when the desire for consistency and continuity, which Iem carefully emphasizes, becomes flesh in the evolution of the tradition from Nuri Iem and Nasip Iem to Emin Turan and Tugche Ariyoz. Although there are generational, historical and periodical differences between the artists of the exhibition, there is such a slippery and transparent transition between their works that one can trace traces of the fact that social issues have always remained the same, and the people of our society have an emotional heritage from the past to the present.

Perhaps that is why the exhibition itself turns into a small novel. This is similar to Huxley’s lines, but also a critique of the Mond character in Huxley’s novel. Because Brave Again World doesn’t hide, doesn’t hide, and isn’t afraid of art. He fearlessly invites all art lovers and collectors who are not afraid of art to join his team.

Another bold exhibition is the Polvo exhibition in Teshvikiye, at the BBProjectTT gallery. Why is that‘This. Why is that He fearlessly made his art speak to sculpture. Here, too, we see the artist approaching today’s world and history with questions about gender, sexual identity, and social identity/roles. Social roles, whose influence is felt from the Ottoman period to the present day, make us feel different connotations with apples and bananas. These are sculptures that take shape, some in front of an LGBT flag, some with the freshness of an apple freshly picked by Adam, and questions of aesthetics and beauty.

At this exhibition Brave world again If we look at it from the point of view of the public, works that are not afraid to take on art to make an impact or even improve it, and are ready to find the courage there to show the naked reality. Maybe to disturb people’s peace, break the usual order, announce a game that says: “Let’s think.”

Polvo also makes me think about it with his style and memories of the Facebook lynching, which he told me about when I finished visiting the exhibition.

I would like to visit more exhibitions, but for now I seem to be full because these two exhibitions feed me like I have visited more exhibitions this month and awaken my interest in history with my craving for literature. Those who read these lines immediately follow the two galleries and artists mentioned in the article (Other artists: Rahmi Aksungur, Setenai Alpay, Ahmet Elvan, Neshe Erdek, Hakan Gürsoytrak, Temur Kuran, Ishil Shimshek, Emin Turan, Devin Oktar Yalkin .) I recommend to look at the exhibits.

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