What I intend to let go and what I will do in the new year


This year I myself kept records, made notes. I wanted to briefly share some of them with you. Maybe this will be an inspiration, I wish all of us the greatest peace of mind this year.

What I intend to give up:

trying to please everyone
Thinking that I’m not good enough
Paying close attention to what other people think
People who bore me make me feel like they don’t understand me, they only think of themselves
I don’t take action because I’m afraid of failing
Stay in an environment where I don’t feel good, in conversations that don’t interest me at all, just so that I don’t feel ashamed
Tears, emptiness, feeling of helplessness

My to-do list:

Have goals that excite you. Or find yourself a goal or two. Let’s see if he moves a little.
Focus on being efficient and continuous rather than doing too much and empty work.
Listen when you need it. Take a break, even if you don’t need it.
Build strong relationships.
Get out of your comfort zone. Have the courage to try new things.
Healthy sleep and diet.
Adapt to your environment and circumstances, don’t fight.
Choose faith over fear, choose your values, choose kindness.
Let go of what is not conducive to your joy and joy in life.
Develop better habits.
Have a healthy, motivating routine.
Laugh a lot, laugh, love.
Remind yourself of the things you are grateful for.
Live with passion!
Become a source of positive energy in your own environment.
Try new things.
See if it’s possible to improve what you’re already doing well.
Travel when you can.
Spend more time with your loved ones.
Have a good time.
Take care of your body, soul, mind.
Let happiness, healing and kindness be your priority.
Leave time for yourself.
Be humble.
Accept the moment you are living.

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