What does the Sand Lilies game tell us?


It’s been almost three years since I posted on Uplifers. Time really is like water, and Uplifers does not feel the passage of time at all, because it retains its freshness. Before entering 2023, I wanted to say goodbye to one of the performances that I watched, with the accumulated material, by going to the theater, which has become a regular activity this year, in the old way. I couldn’t find another topic, because since I was a student of Galata Perform and the piece I wrote last year was selected and performed in the “New Text” selection, I became even more curious about all the pieces in season, so unfortunately I can’t find the time to write them all.

Sand Lilies was also a game that I watched last month, I really liked it and I couldn’t record it. Let me at least prepare a little for the New Year by writing to him.

When we think of a game, peaceful and unique relationships come to mind. We know we were wrong, as this game doesn’t open up to us with a self-proclaimed marriage scene. Families are not on the stage, but in three words of our heroes, even as a third eye, he watches them right on the stage and determines their movements…

The play, written by Yeshim Ozsoy, tells us about the relationship of two people with information from a documentary about animals coming from outside. While trying to understand our humanity through animals, he also questions our so-called humanity and, naturally, our despair from time to time.

How free are we in real relationships? While the couple in the game are jumping out of the arms of violence in great happiness, they continue their struggle without breaking away from each other.

Director Mark Levitas actually softened the acting as much as possible, and the actors softened their characters a lot with their acting. However, there is no way to avoid the violence that Ozsoy hides between the lines throughout the story.

This is truly gem text. Since Ozoy himself is both an actor and director, it seems that writing was not difficult for him. We need such texts. On the other hand, it is rather minimal, with a decor concept that can adapt to every scene in today’s environment that independent theaters must support. Suitable for everywhere. The same can be said about the costume.

In a word, “Sand Lilies” with a romantic and poetic title takes us between the lines of a loose book of poems, inviting us both to our own wedding and to those who are curious about what is happening in the wedding attics around. . It might be a good idea to ask if we build our relationships in a cracking system, or if we build and tear down roofs over and over again in places we know.

Created by Zorlu PSM, the game can be followed on Zorlu’s Instagram page or players throughout the season.

Player IDs:
Screenwriter: Yeshim Ozsoy
Directed by: Mark Levitas
Production: Zorlu PSM Production
Project Producer: Feri Baiku Güler
Decor design: Kerem Cetinel
Lighting design: Kemal Yigitkan
Choreography: Tugche Tuna
Sound and Music Design: Serkan Kargaci Costume Design: Bughra Erkenci Accordion: Manuk Amparian
Voiceover: Mustafa Kirantepe
Assistants: Yigit Efe Cetin / Edanaz Dinc Production assistant: Demet Ergul
Cast: Evrim Dogan, Umut Kurt

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