What does astrologer Duygu Demir pay attention to in M. Serdar Kılıç’s podcast?


Photographer and videographer, author of the books “Apartments in Istanbul and what to do?” If you have not listened to the conversation of M. Serdar Kılıç, whom we know from his podcast, with Duygu Demir, the astrological predictions that we will include in our article may surprise you. Listening to this podcast where Duygu Demir, who we know as the guru of Duygudemir.astrology, shares her thoughts, forecasts and comments for 2023 on Instagram, you first go back in time, then you return to today’s Turkey and want to take a step forward. step by step towards the future. Because in the podcast such predictions that “What will happen in 2023?to the question “What will happen?” This may force us to respond.

Source: Instagram/Duygudemir.astrologygurusu

According to Duygu Demir, the world projection for 2023 is dominated by two themes; first eclipsessecond as Saturn, Pluto motions of heavy planets. And it seems that; These two topics seem to be changing the fate of our country… The eclipse that will occur on May 5, 2023 is the last stage of the Scorpio-Taurus line. So why is it important? Because we As a country, we are under the sign of Scorpio.‘, and in 2023 we are entering into a shell-changing energy. It’s time to get out of these cycles that we’ve been experiencing for the last 1.5 years, such as economic problems, financial difficulties, exchange rate fluctuations and rising prices! May 5, the end of them, so 1.5 years of work will end; Is it good or bad … And yes, the question that worries the whole country:

What will be the elections?, do they influence elections, and if so, how? According to Duygu Demir, this period will not pass quietly. high energy and it will be a difficult time. These are tense times when big events are taking place, such as discussions, events and various issues are being discussed, and tensions are rising. Many serious issues, such as the government of the country, its political relations and the way it handles money matters, will undergo major changes. But a well-known astrologer points out that this time it will happen very quickly. “Saturn is slowing down, spreading out in time, but this time it is not slowing down, the changes are happening in fast and drastic movements.says. He also draws attention to the 15 days before and 15 days after this eclipse and adds; “This can be a very critical period”, “He can be cut like a knife in an instant…” Apparently sudden changes In it we can find ourselves and our country. According to Demir, who stated that the last 10 days of May were hard energies. the country will somehow change its skin on the way to big changes…

The continuation of the podcast is even more interesting. In this conversation, recorded on February 3, 2023 (that is, before the devastating earthquake we experienced), Duygu Demir, in the period that we will enter, warrior energy and with similar energy in the past He’s talking about declaring a state of emergency.. That is, he kind of sums up the situation in which we are now … However, he draws attention to the following; in late March great regenerative energy right after it comes a great topic started…

Pluto, which has been in Capricorn since 2008, moves into Aquarius in April-May. According to Demir big change, even the start of a revolution. Since the Pluto cycle is so long, it stays in the sign for a very long time and almost tells how a generation lived and what it went through. However, this year it is breaking the cycle we are in by entering the sign of Aquarius and paving the way for a new birth.

Fine, Does this change apply to the electoral process that is expected to take place in our country during this period, or what will happen? You may be surprised. Duygu Demir also shared her table 6 predictions on the podcast. Pointing out that the 6-fold table could have harsh explanations in February, Demir said: “Possible restructuring” He says and expects it: a 6-way table can fall apart, disperse and regroup, or go through very complicated processes. According to Demir, they may have difficulties with reconciliation on one decision and therefore they may have to nominate 2-3 candidates, because during this period Saturn and Uranus touch “We may see some cracks in the policy because this is going to happen,” he says. Although Saturn shows stability and solidity, the influence of Uranus Some tough moves in the second half of March It also highlights why. And then?

An eclipse that will occur on October 28, 2023.Noting that this is the end of a cycle that began in 2021, Demir said that we are in for a major break at this point, and we will start to recoveralso declares that the sun will be on our side and adds ‘there is hope’.

These are not the only topics discussed in an engaging and enjoyable conversation. This podcast also includes predictions, both individual, social and global, from the course for gold to the team closest to the championship, from which the signs of the zodiac will smile in favor of love, to changes in politics and movements in other countries of the world. .

You can click to listen to the entire podcast.

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