What do the symbols in your dreams tell you about relationships?


We say that the symbols of dreams are always individual, but some signs are common ancient symbols and have messages for society and the collective for everyone. I want to talk about them in the next few articles. Again, as I will often remind you throughout this series of articles, the first thing to consider is whether there is a personal accent and whether the symbol has a personal meaning.

In this article, let’s start with the symbols associated with relationships. K.G. Jung He worked on archetypes for many years and divided them into classes according to their characteristics. Let’s not forget that each indicator of these classes has its own bright and dark sides. Because we all have light and dark sides…

Managers, doctors, teachers show us a reflection of our relationship with our father. We can see them in a dream the way we perceive them. When we see dead people we know, we need to remember what our relationship with these people was like and evaluate the relationship we had in a dream. On the other hand, the dead, whom we see in a dream, speak of our connection with them.

  • To dream of a boy describes our ability to realize our potential for new experiences.
  • Girls tell us that we need to communicate with our sensitive, sensitive parts.
  • Organizations such as weddings highlight the sides of a person that need to be brought together. For example, people who need to combine their logic with their emotions can see a wedding theme in a dream.
  • The theme of the wedding dress, on the contrary, draws attention to the desire to complete the feminine side of the dreamer and to see someone else in a wedding dress, which he finds insufficient in himself.
  • The groom’s suit speaks of the responsibility we want to take on, especially the responsibility we seek to take on for others.
  • Dreams about a couple breaking up, such as divorce, avoidance or avoidance of people for whom we are responsible, may be our own responsibilities that we do not want to take into our inner world.

See you in my next article as I wish you to dream with more awareness 😊.

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