What causes hair fractures? Here are 11 things that cause fractures


Hair breakage can be defined as the breakage of hair ends that are dry and damaged due to moisture loss. So what causes hair breakage? Many factors, especially dryness and malnutrition, can cause hair ends to break and look weak. In addition, medical conditions such as hair styling, stress, hypothyroidism, or eating disorders can cause hair to become brittle and brittle. Now let’s take a closer look at the answer to the question of what causes split ends. Next, let’s see what you can do to prevent fractures.

1. Diet

Nutrition is perhaps the most important factor affecting physical and mental health. Thus, we can say that there is a direct relationship between hair health and nutrition. For example, foods high in zinc, folic acid, and iron are known to promote healthy hair growth and strength. In addition, there are studies showing that adequate nutrition in terms of protein and antioxidants also helps prevent hair breakage. Therefore, enriching your daily diet with the nutrients listed above can make your hair healthier.

2. Stress

The link between stress and hair loss is a fact that almost everyone knows. But did you know that stress can also cause hair breakage? Stress makes hair follicles sleep. This can lead to hair loss and breakage in the growth cycle. Therefore, if you suffer from hair loss and brittle hair, you need to learn how to deal with stress.

3. Dryness

Dryness is one of the most important causes of hair damage and brittleness. Hair can be dry due to its structure, and external factors such as weather conditions, low humidity or too high temperatures can cause hair to dry out. As a result, unwanted hair breakage may occur. So what can you do to prevent this? First you need to reconsider the controllable external factors. For example, not using hot water in the shower, running a hair dryer on a warm setting, or using moisturizing supplements such as a hair mask can help prevent dry, and therefore brittle, hair.

4. Hair stylers

Curling irons, straighteners, hair dryers… Although the styling tools that are part of our daily lives allow us to have beautiful hair, they can cause serious damage to our hair if we do not use them correctly. For this reason, heat styling tools should be used as little as possible. If this is to be used, ceramic versions of the products may be preferred to reduce heat-related hair damage. You can also use heat protection sprays before styling your hair.

5. Professional deals

Professional treatments such as perm, color or Brazilian straightening can make your hair look healthier in just a few sessions. However, doing these procedures too often will inevitably lead to hair damage. The American Academy of Dermatology states that there should be at least 8-10 weeks between professional treatments. Not doing this at all is the best option.

6. Frequent shampooing

causes hair breakage

If you have oily skin, you may have excessive sebum production on your scalp. This may encourage you to bathe more often. However, frequent bathing destroys the protective lipid layer of the skin and causes scalp dryness. The loss of moisture in the hair causes the hair strands to become prone to breakage. In this case, it will be useful for owners of oily hair to wash their hair every two days. Owners of dry hair type can wash their hair less often.

7. Dry towel

causes hair breakage

After showering, most people dry their hair with a towel. But what if we told you that towel drying can damage your hair? Because hair is most vulnerable when it is wet. In this case, vigorously rubbing the hair with a towel can damage and break the hair strands. So after showering, dry your hair gently with a towel, but be careful not to rub it too hard.

8. Constantly wearing buckles

causes hair breakage

Gathered on elastic hairpins, the hair not only keeps the hair away from the face, but also gives the face a modern look. However, the constant picking up of hair can lead to itching and breakouts due to the stretching of the scalp. This can cause the hair to break and break easily. However, tight ties can accelerate hair loss, especially in the temples and forehead. Therefore, many experts believe that leaving the hair open is more beneficial.

9. Wrong scan

causes hair breakage

Another factor that can cause hair breakage is improper combing. Hair becomes more flexible when wet. Therefore, it is better to comb your hair when it is wet. Using brushes with wide teeth while combing will also prevent damage to the hair strands.

10. Hypothyroidism

causes hair breakage

Hypothyroidism is a disease that occurs when the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone. However, thyroid hormone performs very important functions in our body, from metabolism regulation to hair health. People with a low thyroid experience symptoms such as excessive hair loss and weakening of the hair. If factors such as sudden weight gain, low energy, and swelling are added to your brittle hair, it would be helpful to see an internal medicine specialist.

11. Eating Disorders

causes hair breakage

Eating disorders such as anorexia can also cause breakage and hair loss. Because in this case, the hair can become weak due to the fact that the body cannot provide them with the necessary nutrients. In addition, malnutrition can lead to much more serious consequences and may require medical treatment. For this reason, people with eating disorders such as anorexia should definitely seek professional help.

Healthy Hair Tips

To prevent hair from breaking and falling out, the following tips may come in handy:

  • Don’t wash your hair every day.
  • If possible, pat dry gently with a towel, then allow to air dry.
  • When collecting hair, make sure that the buckle is not too tight.
  • Eat a diet rich in folic acid, zinc, iron, and protein.
  • Use hair styling devices such as straighteners or curlers as little as possible.
  • Be sure to brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb.
  • If you suspect a disease such as hypothyroidism, consult a physician.
  • Learn to deal with stress.
  • Avoid activities that dry out your hair, such as hot showers.
  • If you are struggling with an eating disorder, seek professional help.

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