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What can we do with yoga cards?


Hello again with a new month theme. As our children prepare to leave another school year behind them, parents and teachers quickly began looking for quality summer activities. As I have always mentioned, yoga is at the top of the list of quality summer activities right now thanks to the holistic power of yoga and the fact that it opens up an enjoyable space for kids. Then, if you are ready, I will share a tip that we can give children so that they enjoy yoga every day without getting bored.

Yoga Diary Yoga and Activity Cards

Whether you create your own yoga cards or use Yoga Diary Yoga and Activity cards, card yoga is one of the best ways to spice up yoga for kids and make it a chore. Another advantage is that we can apply it anytime, anywhere and with children of all age groups.

Children sometimes create new yoga poses from the yoga cards they have prepared, and it feeds their imagination. Their communication skills are strengthened when they tell you about the yoga poses they have created. Joint performance of postures provides physical and emotional support. Maps created with patience over a long period of time can be seen as a good exercise for concentration as well as calming the mind.

Thanks to the colors, pictures, and directions on the yoga and exercise cards in Yoga Diary, our kids can open all the cards on their own and practice them in the order that interests them. With the help of cards, they can make breathing and meditation practices their daily routine. The advantage of ready-made cards is that they are prepared by specialists based on experience and are suitable for children. Because the cards are portable in size, they can be carried anywhere in your party bag.

To learn more about yoga cards, you can read my article titled The Best Yoga Way for Quality Time with Kids: Yoga Diary, Yoga and Activity Cards.

Without having to constantly look for new games, our kids can play yoga games with their friends or family in cards. Let’s look at what games we can play using all the cards, not just the games in the card content, in the continuation of our article.

What can you do with Yoga Diary cards?

  • Relevant cards: The cards are face down, so the rules of the matching game apply. When you find a match for each card, turn over both cards and practice with them together.
  • Cards around: Place the cards in a circle. A hoop can be used as a hoop. Jump inside the circles in turn and flip the card. Then apply. Another game might be to write numbers next to the circles. Roll the die and go to the circle corresponding to the number on the die and apply the card.
  • Classics: Laying out cards in one of our traditional staggering games. Practice the card with the corresponding number on the dice.
  • Who am I: This is a game that you can play as co-op. One person takes a card and says it to another person. For example, when describing a lion, you might say, “This is a very strong and leading animal in the forest,” or imitate its sounds.
  • Rain, wind, blizzard or sun: Identify yoga cards that match the words rain, wind, blizzard, or sun. This is entirely up to you and you can choose the ones that are harder to predict. For example, tree pose for rain, dog down for wind, it’s all up to you. Pay close attention to the changing teams – that’s the essence of this game. I also recommend it because it is a really useful and fun game for measuring attention.
  • Parkour Survivor: During this period, parkour, a favorite children’s fantasy, consists of layouts. You can include anything you have in your home or garden. Create a path using yoga blocks, mats, pillows, and add cards at the end of each path.
  • History Cube: For this game, you can use an existing toy cube or create a cardboard cube. Glue cards to each corner of the cube. Toss the die in the air and play the card together on the corresponding face.
  • Hot cold play: Lay out the cards in different places in the room or in the garden. Yogi scientist uncle can help you find the maps. The closer he comes to the cards, the more he directs it as hot, the farther he directs it, speaking cold.
  • Music stopped opening the map: Turn on your favorite moving music and dance in this game which is one of our yoga card games. Direct the music when it stops, open and place the card closest to you together.
  • Chair holder: Attach a yoga card to the back of each chair for traditional chair play. When the music stops while you dance around the chairs, sit in the chair closest to you.
  • Draw, copy and rename the map: Place a thin sheet of paper on the cards and draw their pictures. Then rename those cards. Or, for example, if you’re copying a cat’s pose, you can create a separate story series for that cat by naming it.
  • Choose cards with closed eyes: Each student receives a card that he chooses and then they apply together by telling their friends.

I hope you enjoy playing games and that yoga will always be present in your life.

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