Tuesday, October 3

What can we do to have lucid dreams?


Dreams are signs that are given to us so that we can distinguish between those who are from ourselves and those who are not. All the dreams we have are visual scenes of our feelings and behavior. Our dreams give us information not only about our past, but also about our future. If we know that we can receive information about the future, our dreams will become a more exciting source for us.

We care about a healthy transition to sleep and focus with curiosity on the sleep we will have. By remembering our dreams and allowing them to be controlled, we also help us understand what belongs to us and what belongs to other people outside of us in our waking lives.

If we want enough, we can see the root causes of most behaviors, even where the patterns come from, why we own them, in our dreams. Since the time of the shamans, we have known that we can heal the mind by changing matter, and by changing consciousness we can heal the mind. Diseases begin when the body resists, when the consciousness does not change. We may place our physical and mental health too far away from our priorities and be unable to manage our perception of time well enough throughout the day. But, especially when we fall into deep sleep, our priority is our sense of self, which is under the depth, as there is neither fear nor anxiety. It is entirely possible for us to see all of our emotions that we repress, delay or ignore as symbols along with their representatives, causes and sources. We just have to wonder, take note of our dreams and stay connected. Even calming the mind with simple breathing exercises and making sentences like prayer and intent will determine the content of our dreams.

Hope to dream with more awareness

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