What are lucid dreams, do dreams only happen in dreams?


Researchers have long believed that dreams only happen in sleep, that is, in an unconscious state. But these thoughts Dr. Keith Hearn, Dr. Stephen LaBerge changed thanks to the work of research doctors such as According to current knowledge, people can also be conscious in a dream. But according to the information added by the researchers, the Tibetan monks already knew about it and used it to know themselves.

Self-knowledge begins with understanding and hearing yourself. Previously, this mission was much more important than it is now. Tibetan dreamers thought that through sleep they could create any situation. They learned from their own experience that nothing is the same, that it can be changed. They explained that the situation that we look at and pay attention to from the point of view of physics turns into matter, and the situation that we do not look at or pay attention to remains a wavelet. They worked on materialization, that is, the realization of the situation in which they wanted to live, consciously including them in their dreams.

So what is a lucid dream? The awareness of the dreamer and the knowledge that he or she is dreaming… Although lucid dreaming occurs spontaneously for some of us, it is often necessary to work and train. Perhaps there may be steps such as learning to appreciate dreams first, to follow the dreams you see and be conscious of them. It is different from other dreams. But I think it’s impossible to have lucid dreams without paying due attention to guiding dreams. In a lucid dream, a person is aware that he is dreaming, the details and the whole dream come to life.it seemed real“is expressed. After a person wakes up, he immediately remembers and worries, because the dream impressed him very much.

It’s about managing dreams Jane Gackenbach and Jane BosveldIt is said that in lucid dreams people’s secret desires are revealed, they show their fears, which they hide even from themselves, and discover the limits of their own consciousness.

I definitely recommend that those who want to exercise first have lucid dreams to calm their body. It will be more useful and successful for everyone to do exercises such as listening to baroque music, meditation, breathing exercises, prayer and worship, relaxing in accordance with their beliefs.

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