We were women in love, we were in love with love


We were women who loved to love, in love with love. There was a great love within us, it was so great that this love could not fit in our tiny hearts, even in our bodies. For this reason; We wanted to share, we wanted to hug, we wanted to feel, if possible, to the bone. Most of the time we entered into these crushes on purpose, but by ignoring them, we were deceived by ourselves because we thought we would do the impossible every time. How hard can it be? just love”?

When we first saw him, we thought it was “he” every time. We said this work! It must be someone to whom I can give my love!

Because we were women, nature crowned us with motherhood, we were all mothers, whether we gave birth or not, “mother” meant “love”, and most importantly, we had it in the test … Everything we needed, is someone to love…

Oh, this love! .. We were looking for it all our lives, and when we thought we had found it, we plunged headlong into what we thought it was, we began to attribute to the person whom we considered “he”; In the first hopeful light we saw, we said: “What a pure-hearted man he was” (he really wasn’t), we said what a decent life he had (he didn’t really live), how he was digested and full (actually he was hungry), we said that he would be with me on my bad days (That would never happen), we said that he liked it (he was not very), we said how different it was from others (in fact, there was no difference) and we did all the downloads blindly. We found an excuse for every mistake that happened, he did it because we said… In every disturbing message that we encountered, we closed our eyes tighter so as not to see our eyes, because we could not lose it. my call love!! At this time, such pure love cannot be found!? (In fact, he wasn’t even clean)

It’s like a computer character creating an avatar, we were trying to put the features we wanted on the body, which we thought was the letter “O”, we thought it would be!

Intelligent intelligence..loading
Reliability… Loading…

And we waited in front of the computer, as if we were waiting for a slow, unopened server. Watching the spinning hourglass and saying “Come on”, We waited a long time for the download to complete, knowing how wrong we were, but still … we waited … we waited; with excitement, hope.. Maybe for years… And a warning came… it can’t be loaded!… we said ok, maybe the memory is full and we deleted something from ourselves! We tried again, waited again… and again the same warning… failed to load!

Because life wasn’t like that, the person in front of us didn’t have a close interest, idea, or even a hint of any of the features we were trying to achieve. It wasn’t even his fault! We couldn’t blame anyone. We were to blame! We don’t wake up to the facts!

When there’s traffic, all of a sudden there’s a warning, you know you flinch, it’s a traffic police warning, think about that warning and make it your life philosophy. Blue Clio don’t wait!

Love the women you love, raise your frequency, and love the men of the same frequency. Don’t inherit debris from anyone, you’re not a healer. It’s not your job to make the impossible possible. Love your favorite men, women, run away from those who are depressed, feeding on their troubles, emotionally manipulating, hidden narcissists without looking back.

Love your favorite men, women. Do not close your eyes, always keep them open to see the truth.

Love what is, as it is, no more, no less, enough, as much as it deserves … And never try to load. If your relationship needs a boost, always remember the traffic cops warning.Blue Clio, don’t wait!

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