Tuesday, October 3

We were frogs in slowly warming water, not realizing that the water was getting hot.


We were frogs living in slowly heated water, not realizing that the water was getting hot. Only a few of us noticed the days when the fire burned under water and tried to jump out of the boiling cauldron when it was still warm.

Our body, separated from the water with every jump, felt relieved by the coolness of the air and suffered more pain with each fall than in a cauldron. Although it was there that he left, the water in the cauldron was even warmer than on the way back, as the cool air touched his skin and made him feel better.

Screams from the pain of falling back became “stupid” in the eyes of those who did not try to jump out of the cauldron. But we didn’t give up, at least some of us did. Each time we jumped a little higher, maybe a little further. But we always fell back into the water screaming, wrinkled skin from the heat …

Do not do that said the frogs in the cauldron, every time you saw yourself falling back. Outside no!

Despite this, we continued to jump, we got tired of some of the jumps and for a while jumped a shorter distance than before…

Sometimes we managed to get out of the water only up to the waist.

The other frogs laughed Look, they can’t even jump anymore!

We tried to explain, this cauldron is getting hotter, we will all die here without realizing it! Strengthen your legs, concentrate, work, jump together!

TOwe are trout, the water from it is warm, it passes said the frogs in the water. That’s what water is, and we live in water. Frogs have always lived like this!

We continued to jump, this time in silence, to ourselves …

It was no longer difficult to jump, and it was not hot when we fell back.

The day came, we began to subside from the boiling cauldron, subsided, subsided, subsided …

Not even a jumping frog was left in the cauldron. The water was still and calm now…

And then one day the frogs in the water began to croak slowly. Not to jumping frogs, not to us, but to the heat that the water can no longer withstand, to lifeless bodies slowly floating to the surface …


They just wheezed.

The cawing of the cauldron was slowly moving away from our ears…

While we were resting by the lake, one of us asked the other:

Have you ever thought about giving up?

– He said yes, many times!

-So how did you do it?

Every time I jump I see those who tried, every time I fall I see those who give up.

I had already experienced what givers go for, but I was wondering where those who tried would go, so I kept going… And you, have you ever thought about giving up?

– He said yes, many times!

– Why did you continue?

-Imagining what is outside was better than staying!

So why did you want to give up?

Because my loved ones were in that water, because it was easier to let go, because the effort was so exhausting, because maybe…

-May be?

-Maybe being a frog means being in a cauldron…

Dissatisfaction with less has led me to this lake, my dream has led me to this coolness.

-Do you miss your loved ones?

I continue to love those I love.

-Tell me why you wanted to give up?

– It was nice to jump and cool down, I thought that was enough for a frog. If it gets too hot, the water will bounce again and I’ll relax again!

My curiosity for more pulled me out of the boiling water…

What we have not given up is our curiosity for more, our appetite for life.

What can’t you give up: your appetite or your habit?

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