We must teach each other our vocabulary by asking, listening, observing.


We need food to get along, to understand each other.
Dictionaries are different for everyone, the place where each uses the word has a different meaning in himself and in someone else.
People who don’t understand when they speak, people who don’t understand.
However, they fit the words of others into patterns created in their heads.
However, we must learn each other’s dictionaries. The meaning of their voices.
Then the conversation begins, then the transmission begins. Before that, I always guessed…
The memory and energy of Your word in me can be different. You say that you love, I understand that you swear.
For you it’s a compliment, but for me…
This is where delusions and divisions come from.
What did I say that you understood!

That’s why we have to learn the other person’s language. Although it seems that we speak the same language, we speak different languages.
We must teach each other our vocabulary by asking, listening, observing.

How else do we understand the meaning of language?
How else can we understand a song pouring from another person’s heart?
At best, we understand our own mind, at best, we dress our own dreams in a body that we are not even aware of.
How do we know ourselves, how do we know our language?

We don’t recognize each other until we understand each other’s vocabulary, until we recognize each other’s accents.
What we have known up to this point is none other than ourselves, we even know ourselves as we have always known.
No surprises, no surprises.
Maybe that’s why we get bored with conversations and conversations faster. We know, we think we understand, because we assume. Without even realizing it…

In relationships, this is the reason why people do not understand each other as if they were speaking a foreign language, especially during periods of intense energy. Since agreement is supported by physical, heartfelt communication and intuition, and not by words in a calm state, we realize that we do not recognize the words and vocabulary of another person when this environment cannot be provided.

What did he say to me now?
What did he mean?
We fall into emptiness, anxiety, delusions and make our defense mechanism work. So, we also raise the shield.
Because of; we stand face to face, like two castles that cannot be stepped on, cannot be passed, without communication.
Until he calms down and removes the shield in front of someone’s heart…

Mastering all the ways of communication allows us to remain in a pleasant and understandable position in any situation.

Knowing the meanings of words can be a measure of mastery of the language, but knowing the meanings people ascribe to their words and knowing the energies of those words provides real familiarity, deep listening and holistic understanding, and I think real mastery starts here. including meaning.

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