We get what we think is “right” for ourselves.


We are not the cause of the good or evil that someone does to us.
This has nothing to do with us, it is connected with our own environment, with the structure of our own world. He does not treat us well because we are good, or does not show favor because we deserve it.
It behaves the way it is because it is, and it is we who categorize and label it by making judgments. And we take it upon ourselves because we want to use it, whether it’s a negative behavior or a positive one.

I am so unloved that he treats me badly
I am so loved that he treats me very well.

Both have nothing to do with us. It’s about the behavior itself.
A loving person is “kind” to everyone, acts with love.
We are the ones who want to do it on our own.

The one who does not contain love refers to all “without love.”
We are the ones who take it upon ourselves and feel worthless.

If we try to take our self-esteem from outside, it will be a natural consequence, not a prophecy, that we will forever be flooded with unrooted feelings.
We buy what we need, what we consider “right” for ourselves, in the external market of emotions.
If we consider ourselves “worthless”, we are dealing with a person from the inside who has a universe that does not value itself in its habitat.
“What a strong worthlessness you have, can I have a pinch?”
He is our bread, our vaccine.

The reason for this is that it is necessary to see that the emotional states we experience are not related to another person, but to our purchases. After all, no owner of the universe will bring another emotion into his universe without permission, “without a visa.”
We make purchases at our request.

If we have earned beauty, then it is natural for us to go to a world whose habitat is a flower garden.
We go to any source of our hunger, it is neither good nor bad, it is not unique to us.
Just like a tree does not bear fruit for us. You will get apples from the apple tree. If the apple tree did not bear fruit that year, then this is not because he was offended or held a grudge against us. It’s about his world.

The more diverse emotions we have, the more exchange we get.
A person takes a pinch of emotions, and we get from them a pinch of what we need.

There is nothing special for us, if we realize it, it happens by our choice.
As soon as we realize this, anger, anger, great joy and a manic state of emotion are replaced by “violent calm” and “true growth.”

This is the moment when we take our heads off the world of illusions.
Deep breathing…

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