We all have the freedom to “be miserable” sometimes.


Literally a few days before the New Year, Christmas trees, small Christmas villages, music, countless alternatives to New Year’s shopping began to take place everywhere. Each new year is a hope, an opportunity to please your loved ones. Make plans in order, celebrate life with yourself and your loved ones, trying to make room for good memories in the hustle and bustle of life and think about “how we enter the new year.” (I’ve come to this over the years) We are together with On the other hand, we have seen examples that experienced difficulties during this period, did not feel happy enough and, unfortunately, did not reflect the truth.why am i sad when everyone is happyI think there may be people who are being interviewed. I wrote this article in order to reflect in myself a new changed point of view and to share my thoughts with those who feel it.

Positive psychologists who study human well-being and happiness argue that it is not necessary to be happy all the time, and even the constant need to be happy can lead to unrealistic expectations and setting unrealistic goals. Unrealistic goals can also impair their ability to deal with frustration at the end of the day. Knowing to set realistic goals for yourself, unlock your potential, create positive change in your life, are some of the main suggestions.

In fact, we can all work on our life principles in different ways to reach an average level of happiness. There are 3 principles that seem to be top priorities that I have experienced and heard from experts:

  • Firstly hourremembering that we are responsible for the meaning we give to the verse important. To make this a little more specific, it is in our hands to analyze what is great, what is small, what is valuable or important, and to determine our worth proportionally. This can be an effective method of dealing with the main actors of these problems, especially those that have very little effect on our lives, but about which we worry all day long, first in ourselves and then in reality. If we prefer to find a solution within ourselves with the source of this unhappiness, this is very understandable and acceptable. We are both responsible and make decisions. It is very valuable to feel comfortable knowing this.
  • Last Belief that happiness comes from within and everyone has their own unique way of being happy.. Focusing on what they have achieved and improved rather than what they have not done or have not done can be a happiness management for a person.
  • If for someone else create value This can be the essence of happiness. Very changeable and very humane possession, right, freedom, freedom to choose the path you want. Finally, I think that perseverance in fulfilling one’s potential and development has a very strong effect on the number of happy moments. If there is an obstacle in front of him, ask why and get to the bottom of this obstacle, talk about it and demand that this be the method of solution.

Just like our first thought is to restore health when we are sick, our instincts tell us to seek happiness again when we are unhappy, but sometimes we cannot be motivated to do so. The main thing is to find happiness again. Because? I think this is the first time you can find happiness again other than these three methods. motivator motivation itself. Positive psychologist and flow theory pioneer Csikszentmihalyi says that having intrinsic motivation is a way to increase positive experiences. In 2023, successes, failures, anger, hopes, opportunities, obstacles, in a word, many different life experiences are possible. Of course, we will also be unhappy, but let’s at least find relief in what methods we can take for ourselves to leave unhappiness, and may we have a year in which good moments and memories multiply.

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