Ways to slow down time when time flies fast


Time goes fast. Do you feel like life is slipping out of your hands? All this fuss, jobs, forces, environment, agenda, economy, elections… Is your tongue there like it’s running around and you don’t have anything? Like stuck? Sometimes in such situations it is useful to slow down. Take small breaks. Life is not one thing. There are many things that make up our lives, and each of them deserves attention. Because you deserve it.

Slow down, slow down how? Slowing down can be very difficult. It may seem to you that you are stuck in the center of all events, emotions and experiences. I have prepared some suggestions for you.

Ways to slow down

1. Take a break at will

One of the best ways to truly volunteer to take a break is to show an interest in flowers/plants/nature. Their colors, shapes and scents connect you to this moment. You can also try smelling while drinking coffee, watching the clouds in the sky when you’re outside, and watching the sunlight stream in from your window.

2. Create a moment of awareness

You can follow these steps to create your own moment of awareness:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Put your hand on your heart.
  • Inhale deeply through your nose 3 times.

You can repeat this until you feel grounded, centered, and calm.

3. Go outside

It’s good to go outside when you’re feeling stressed, sad, angry, or overwhelmed. You can try physical contact with the world, such as taking a short walk, cycling, sitting on a bench, feeling the warmth of the sun or wind, taking care of nature.

4. Call someone you love

When you feel bad, when you are depressed, you can call the person who gives you the most joy in life. It is very good for two people connected by heart to speak and share with each other.

5. Treat yourself

Cook or order your favorite dish. Light a scented candle. Reread the book you love so much. Watch the movie you want to watch with delicious snacks or take a hot bath and treatment. Sometimes all you need is just a moment to focus on yourself and what you need. Enjoy this feeling.

6. Ask yourself, “What is this moment trying to teach me?”

When you face a difficult situation, there is a lesson to be learned from it. You can ask yourself this question in difficult situations and when you feel bad. When you get out of this situation and take your mind off the moment, you will feel stronger, better, and more prepared for what comes next.

7. Just let go

Drop expectations.
Leave other people’s opinions.
Let go of the guilt you have placed on yourself.
Let go of anger and frustration.

All emotions are for us, and we don’t need to get stuck in them. It’s best to let them pass. Let them go…

I hope these tips will help you enjoy life and establish a close relationship with yourself. If you would like to incorporate these suggestions into your life, you can take a look at my Aligning Mindfulness with Present Tense program.

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