Ways to discover your talents in 2023


You may not have the prettiest voice or the fastest runner, but you can move forward, evolve and create your own unique style. Whether for professional purposes or as a hobby, doing something in everyday life other than your profession will make you aware of the pleasant aspects of life, and you will have the happiness of being busy with yourself. In the meantime, being alone with your talent, which gives you pleasure in isolation from other complexities and problems of life, will open the door to happiness for you. So, if you are not aware of your abilities, how do you define them?

  • Stay on your own. By trying new things on your own, by doing something that interests you, you can discover your hidden talents. Although interacting with people is a pleasant and enjoyable experience, it is impossible to hear your own inner voice. For this reason, sometimes it will be a unique experience for you to be alone and listen to yourself so that you can hear your own thoughts, feel and identify the power within yourself. Awareness doesn’t come in an instant, it’s the sum of the “moments” you’ve experienced before.
  • Identify the things in your life that make you forget about the concept of time. It may lead you to a skill you are unaware of. For example, if you know how to catch beautiful moments; You can take online digital media training, develop yourself, create a parallel career, or enjoy nature walks. You can join walking groups or create your own walking route and invite people. If you forget the concept of time while all this is happening, then you are on the right path for yourself on the path to happiness. In my free time, I always took small notes and then made long articles out of them. Years later, my coaching journey and writing adventure began at the same time, I also became an entrepreneur and opened my own coaching firm and publishing house. I say it; not to mention the talent; fall for it and improve.

  • What did you dream of being when you were little? We are all born into this world with pure energy and an open mind. Unfortunately, the most colorful dreams are always taken in childhood, because in childhood no one limited our thoughts. For this reason, turning to your inner child and remembering unlimited dreams can easily open many doors. For example, when I was little, I always had to listen to people in the games we played. Over the years, my profession has changed from corporate finance to personal and career coaching, which has helped me better understand myself and people. My dream has now become my profession, which I am passionate about.
  • List what you have already achieved. While this method reminds you of how much hardship you have left behind, you will also be reminded of the limitless power within you. If nothing comes to your mind, you can write down being yourself as your greatest achievement so far. You realize that you have skills that can be developed using the strengths you have identified. You can write these articles on colored note paper and hang them in a prominent place in your room. Remember that your biggest motivation is still you.
  • If you don’t know what you want, find what you don’t want. Unfortunately, we do not always know what we want from life. On the contrary, we spend most of our lives trying to find what we want. During this time, we are going through a lot. What we are experiencing can show that sometimes our dreams or goals, which we really want, do not suit us at all, and moreover, they do not make us happy. I am a client who came to me with the goal of becoming a career manager; when we realized that he was not at all happy with the area in which he worked, with the sessions that we conducted; He set a goal for himself and turned to a completely different career. Now he intensively, but with pleasure, works in the field that corresponds to his talents and desires.

There is a saying that I love very much; if you are doing what you love; You don’t even have to work a day. If you focus on what you like to do and not on what you can’t do; You can build a completely different life by saying “New Year, new beginnings” and waking up to a life where you are happy and successful.

I’m here if you need help.

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