Ways to create a hygge atmosphere in your home


While we’re not entirely sure about its pronunciation, we agree on the feel it creates and the warmth it evokes.hygge”, DenmarkA appeared inexperience of happiness“It’s also kind of Lifestyle. Focus on candles, hot drinks, and fluffy blankets; your happiness currently hidden disclosure, Norwegian fundamentally”well-beingmeans” in English it means “hug“a concept believed to be derived from hyggefor a short time in a pleasant environment, feel the world can be defined as; According to the Danes the secret of happiness. Making your living space more enjoyable, creating a hygienic environment in your home It might be a lot easier than you think. With a little change in your decoration You can create your own hygge.

Tips for creating a hygge environment at home

Hygge, safe for you and your loved ones, create a peaceful environment It is very important to create a space focused on wellness. The simplest way to describe the feeling it evokes is as follows. As you lie on the couch with your favorite blanket and hot chocolate in hand, you watch the falling snow with light music playing in the background, and at the same time hear the crackling of the fireplace… Is not that great? carefree, stress-free and comfortable lifestyle Starting with a healthy and happy mind that takes on a healthy and happy mind, a few small changes to your decor can easily allow you to create your very own hygge. Hygge environment When creating, be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Create a warm environment.
  • Take advantage of the power of light.
  • Wear what is comfortable for you.
  • Switch on your favorite scents during the time you have for yourself.
  • Give thanks.
  • Stay in the moment.
  • Enjoy your little pleasures.
  • Play the song at a slow pace.
  • Add your favorite item to the most beautiful corner of your home.
  • Light candles or incense that you like to smell.
  • Take your favorite hot drink with you.
  • Add soft pillows around you.
  • Surround yourself with your loved ones.

After you’ve made the general arrangements, add a few items to your decoration to warm up the setting even more. You can increase energy. Here’s what you can add to your decoration hygge products:

fluffy blankets

Perhaps the most important accessory for a warm hygge environment is comfort and warm blankets Maybe. Soft seat covers, blankets that keep you warm, textiles that keep your home warm even in cold weather can give you the ability to create your own hygge environment. You can also organize with your loved ones. hug sessions It will definitely color.

feather pillows

One of the rare actions that can instantly relieve fatigue for the whole day. lying on the sofa in the living room You can improve the decoration of your home in a hygienic manner with down pillows, which will make your moment even more beautiful and provide you with a more comfortable rest. Made from soft fabrics in soft colors. fluffy pillows You should definitely give him a chance.

Delicious teas and coffees

Don’t you think it’s nice to hold a warm cup of coffee in your hands? Desserts, cakes, delicious pastries, mulled wine, fragrant herbal teas, hot drinks dominated by cocoa and coffee that attracts attention both with its smell and taste… Everything you need for a hygge environment tea and coffee to keep warm along with your favorite donuts. And if you like handmade jams, you can create a calm atmosphere full of flavor. Of course, do not forget to share it with your loved ones. 😊

bright candles

A complete hygge environment is unthinkable without candles. In Denmark, the starting point of hygge, every Dane about 6 kg of candles per year Did you know it’s on fire? Candles are a very important element for Denmark, which holds the European record for candle consumption. If you want to organize your environment according to hygge principles, you should include scented candles in your home.

Stylish lighting

Of course, candles are not the only source of light. Lighting The topic is very important for hygge. To Hygge Danes’ secret to happiness In his book “The lower the color temperature of light, the higher the hygge”. There is even a rule. In fact, the Danes take lighting so seriously that they even have iconic lamps that they only produce for hygge. So, if you want to create the right hygge atmosphere in your home color temperature low You can enrich your decor with stylish lampshades and lamps.

warm clothes

Thermal socks, wool sweaters, fluffy tracksuits; Loungewear that will keep you warm the moment you put it on… It will make your quiet hours of reading, captivating movie screenings and moments when you quietly listen to music more relaxed and comfortable. home clothes Don’t forget to add it to your hygge environment.

minimal objects

It will decorate your jewelry and fill you with happiness and peace. tables in minimal stylecan enhance the feelings of your hygge environment. You can enhance your decoration and hygge energy by adding photos you like, items you like, and items that are meaningful to you.

fragrant plants

Charming in both its smell and appearance, eucalyptus is also very popular in hygge environments for its anti-stress effect. Likewise relaxing and soothing lavender. However, hygge plants It’s not limited to just that. You can enjoy the beautiful environment you have created by adding plants that you like, look, smell and look at to your decoration.

wooden items

Having discovered the special energy of wooden products, the Danes did not neglect it for hygge either. The natural, clean and elegant structure, the special texture and aroma of the wood are very suggestive, perhaps because they evoke a longing for the old days. You can increase the energy of your hygge environment by adding a wooden chair, table or decoration to your decoration. For those who are interested more, the famous Danes Kay Boyesen – wood monkey We recommend that you take a look. 😊

All the products you need to create a hygge environment in your home are in our Hygge collection.

Source: Hygge The Danish Happiness Secret / Meik Wiking

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