Useful tips to make your menstrual days more comfortable at work


While you can spend your menstrual days lying in the corner with a variety of negative symptoms, from throbbing headaches to excruciating cramps, from mood swings to difficulty concentrating.need to growThe difficulty of visiting offices where there is a lot of work is known… Although “menstrual leave” has become more and more widespread throughout the world and in our country, it is not yet used in every workplace. In fact, there are some preparations you need to make in order to comfortably get through painful menstrual days at work. Here are some helpful tips to help you make your menstrual days comfortable at work:

Redesign your business plan

If you have a regular menstrual cycle, you can predict the onset of your period and predict which days are more intense and which are more comfortable. If you’re experiencing menstrual irregularities, you can anticipate your period is approaching and take precautions by noticing changes in your body before your period. You can get through this period more easily if you plan the intensity of your work in inverse proportion to the intensity of your menstrual days. You can reschedule work that you think will tire you more or require more attention and focus from the days when your menstrual cramps are most intense. You can reschedule your important meetings if possible and increase your comfort by streamlining your business plan.

Get support from your teammates

If you’re trying to reorganize your business plan but can’t prioritize; If there is a lot of urgent or important work to do, you can ask your teammates to support you. If you wish, you can talk about your situation, say that you have a strong focus and progress on menstrual cramps, and ask if they can help. The extra boost can help you not only tire out, but feel more comfortable knowing that things will work out somehow. Also, you can inspire your female colleagues in this regard and take a leadership role so that they feel free to ask for support during their periods. On the other hand, you can meet with your managers to discuss whether the menstrual holiday used in different parts of the world is also suitable for your company. In this way, you can also help create a more positive atmosphere in your workplace.

talk to your manager

Whether your teammates are supportive or not, you can talk to your manager when you need to. To make it easier to deal with the health issues you experience during your period, you can request to work from home, even if possible, 1-2 days per month. Or you can ask if he is interested in flexible working hours. For example, if you experience more pain in the morning, you might ask if it’s okay to come in a few hours later and leave later. Or you can ask permission to leave a day or two early. In this way, you can let your manager know that your well-being will also positively affect your performance at work.

We can talk about menstrual leave, which has already been adopted in many countries of the world and has begun to be introduced by several large companies in our country. For example, in Indonesia, women workers are allowed to take 2 days of menstrual leave per month, in Japan, managers are required to give leave to women workers who do not want to work during their periods, women working in Koreans can take menstrual leave if they need it, and even if they do not use this leave, it can be said that they received additional pay. In addition to examples from the world, it can be mentioned that menstrual leave is now on the agenda of many domestic and foreign companies in our country, and even the government has prepared various bills on this issue. In accordance with company policy, you may question whether you are entitled to access such permission and state that this permission is considered a legal right.

Assemble the Support Kit

You can set up a “life support unit” for your menstrual days at your workplace that you know about or that might come unexpectedly. Namely, you can create a support kit by taking with you everything you might need. You can put sanitary pads, menstrual panties, tampons, or menstrual cups (whichever suits you) in a small box or purse, extra underwear just in case, herbal teas, dark chocolate, a small heating pad, and pain reliever. , You can also enable.

eat right

To make your menstrual days more comfortable, it is helpful to pay special attention to your diet at work. First of all, avoid foods high in salt; because salty foods cause bloating by retaining water and this can cause stomach pain. On the other hand, it’s helpful to limit your coffee intake because caffeine can make cramps worse. Instead of coffee, you can choose herbal teas. Adding a few extra herbal teas to your office drawer can help you feel better during your period. It’s also good to eat foods that contain healthy fats and nutrients your body needs, such as vitamins C and B. Even if you don’t usually take food to work, you can toss a banana or a handful of nuts into your bag on your period days. We don’t even need to talk about dark chocolate 😊. If you ask, “Is chocolate good for menstrual cramps?” You can also check out our article.

for a lot of water

Of course, drinking water anytime, anywhere is essential to our holistic health, but it’s good to be extra careful on your menstrual days. Dehydration can make your already grueling menstrual days unbearable. Remember to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration that causes negative situations such as forgetfulness, brain fog, distraction, headache and difficulty concentrating, and to keep your business life more balanced on your menstrual days. If you often forget to drink water, you can set a reminder on your phone or use mobile apps that track water.

Choose comfortable clothes

When choosing clothing for work during your period, prioritize comfort and practicality. Avoid clothing that constricts your waist or legs and restricts your movement. Clothes that make you feel much better can help you get through your menstrual days more comfortably. Also, if you’re worried about leaking, you can opt for dark underwear and pants to make you feel more comfortable.

move on

Movement!While you can just lie down and do nothing during your period, exercise can help ease menstrual cramps by improving blood and oxygen circulation, including to the pelvic area. In addition, studies have also shown that exercising during your period improves your mood. While it’s not realistic to go to the gym or do vigorous exercise, walking part of the way to work or taking a short walk during your lunch break can help you feel better.

be good to yourself

In today’s culture of urgency and busyness, work stress is known to increase. However, it is useful to remember that things do not end 😊. So, when one job ends, another job begins, so you should always prioritize yourself in this endless loop. Doing work at a slower pace than usual and dealing with the many factors that push you, such as the pain, cramps, and mood swings you experience during your menstrual days –or you can’t– does not make you an incompetent employee.

the needs of your body and mindtermHold before the “with” and allow yourself to spend your menstrual days more comfortably. And don’t forget to take the time to unwind in a quiet place at work when you need it.

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