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Trendy colors 2020: hair, makeup, clothes


For those who love neutral colors, those who can’t resist bright colors, those who are thinking about changing their hair color and those who don’t want to fall behind the makeup trend… This year there is a popular color for everyone! Want to take a look at all the amazing color trends we have in store for 2020? If you are looking for this year’s hairstyle, clothing and makeup color suggestions to stay in style and create great style; A giant guide that we have prepared especially for you will be useful to you … In the field of hair, clothing and makeup trendy colors 2020 with you!

Fashion Colors 2020

There is no one who would not be interested in the trendy colors of this year’s clothes. With trendy colors, we can bring out your style, show that you have style and feel good about looking stylish. And of course, by adding beauty to your beauty, you will not miss the trend… Here is a list of the most popular colors of 2020 that stand out in women’s, men’s and children’s clothing:

  1. Blue sky

Neon was very fashionable last year. As of 2020, neon combinations are becoming obsolete. It is replaced by sky blue. You can pair sky blue, this year’s exciting color, with just about any color and add variety to your outerwear.

  1. Powder pink

The deep pink of last year is giving way to a lighter shade in 2020. As one of the hottest fashion colors of 2020, powder pink is perfect for those who want a soft yet bold accent.

  1. Orange

Orange is one of this year’s trends that will spice up your clothes and make you happy. You can easily use all shades of orange in 2020 and feel happy. You can achieve a very stylish look, especially in combinations that equate to green. We remind you that orange is also in fashion in accessories and shoes!

  1. dark blue

The list of trendy colors for 2020 continues with dark blue. Lime green gives way to dark blue. One of the most overlooked trend colors, navy blue will also delight those looking for an alternative to black. You can pair your navy blue outfit with a powder pink or little orange accessory and you can show off your elegance both on special occasions and in everyday life.

  1. Red poppy

It’s time to say goodbye to crimson and burgundy colors! Undoubtedly, you will get more compliments with poppy red, which is one of the trendy colors of 2020. True red and vibrant poppy tones are also good choices to bring out your skin tone. Ready to dazzle in red?

  1. pistachio green

Are you excited about the thought of wearing pistachio green outfits in 2020? Pistachio green, which goes particularly well with purple, is ideal for revitalizing neutral colors. If you want to stand out in outerwear, you can check out pistachio green this year.

  1. chick yellow

For those who want to be cheerful, yellow is also in fashion this year! You can go bright with yellow sweaters, trousers, dresses, coats or accessories and create wonderful combinations. You can easily use yellow with black, navy blue, pink or green. In order to look younger, more dynamic and more attractive, you can pay attention to fashionable yellow clothes in 2020.

Trendy hair colors 2020

Are you one of those who want to change their look with a trendy new hair color? We will see silver yellow, lilac, copper red and more in 2020 in many people. Are you ready to stand out with your hair without going out of style? Here are the most talked about hair colors this year:

  1. Silver yellow

Our list of trendy hair colors 2020 starts with silver blonde. If you don’t want completely silver hair, don’t worry! This yellow color with a silver tint is also in vogue in the new year. To keep silver-blond hair color bright, do not neglect the use of a special shampoo for colored hair.

  1. Lilac Hair

We continue with a color that everyone will love and want to try, regardless of age. If you want to make a difference with your hair, you might want to consider lilac. You can also try shades in lilac tones, which neutralize rough tones. If you are going to use lilac hair color, you may need a weekly hair mask.

  1. Caramel

You can bring out the caramel chocolate brown base color, which is one of the trendy colors of 2020, for a flawless look. You can make your caramel hair look even more attractive with a glitter hairspray.

  1. Dark chocolate brown

You can make your brown hair look fabulous with a deep, rich dark chocolate color. You may need to try wavy hairstyles to bring out the highlights and make dark chocolate brown always look amazing on your hair.

  1. Copper

Our list of trendy hair colors 2020 continues with copper color. Are you one of those who like to be assertive with their hair color? Then you should appreciate the copper color … Copper tone, which is one of the recommended hair colors for people with fair or brown skin, will continue to be popular this year. You are sure to attract attention with this warm and rich hair color! It is important to use a sulfate-free shampoo to protect copper hair color for a long time.

  1. shaded yellow

Have you tried yellow tones in your hair yet? Or you can’t get rid of the yellow color? Don’t worry, shaded blonde hair continues to lead the trend this year. If you want to create a great contrast in your hair, shaded blonde is for you! Shaded blonde will also be indispensable in 2020, which can be combined with almost any color of clothing and skin color!

Trendy Makeup Colors 2020

For most women, makeup is an important part of their daily skincare routine. Many makeup products, from eyeliner to lipstick, from blush to eye shadow, make women feel good. Makeup that makes you look better, hides your flaws, and boosts your self-confidence becomes even more meaningful with flowers. So, what colors to choose for makeup this year?

  1. pink mascara

Aha! Pink mascara occupies an important place among the trendy makeup colors of 2020. It’s time to take a break from black mascara. This year, many women will have multi-colored eyelashes. While it may seem neutral at first, you can finish off with a bold lipstick.

  1. Neon eye shadow

If you want to accentuate your eye lines, try neon green. You can apply neon eyeshadow to the tips of your eyes in small strokes and get a minimalist look. If you use neon colors in your makeup, you should know that the rest of the face should be kept simple.

  1. fuchsia pink lipstick

Among the trendy makeup colors of 2020, there is fuchsia pink! Forget bright red lips. Fuchsia pink lipsticks will be more popular in 2020. Whether you’re brunette, brown or blonde, these pink lipsticks will appeal to everyone. If you want your lipstick to last longer, we recommend using matte lipsticks rather than cream ones.

  1. Green eyeliner

Tired of black eyeliner? We can say that in 2020, green eyeliner will turn into a passion! You can use neutral colors in your eyeliner to create a stylish and accented look. Green eyeliner can make your makeup flawless even if you have a thin line.

  1. watercolor eyes

Watercolor eye makeup is perhaps the most beautiful makeup presentation you will see in 2020. If you want a soft, fun and dreamy look, this new trend might be for you! Also, you don’t have to stick to just one color. You can use different colors for the inner and outer corners and the center of your eyelids. Thus, if desired, you can achieve a multi-colored look.

  1. Pastel eyeliner

Pastel eyeliners are also among the trendy makeup colors of 2020. Especially with the help of eyeliner in light pastel colors, you can catch mysterious and pleasant-looking eyes. You can choose a pastel eyeliner for special occasions or for daily use with peace of mind. You can also do a trendy makeover with pastel eyeliner that can adapt to any skin tone and outfit!

  1. Red smoky eye makeup

One of the most ambitious makeup styles this year is red smoky eyeshadow. If you’ve been wearing black smoky eye makeup for years, remember that black eye makeup is out of fashion this year. You should definitely try the smoky eye makeup in ruby ​​red tones suitable for 2020 fashion!

  1. Hot pink blush

Peach blush can be set aside. Among the trendy makeup colors of 2020, hot pink blush will love it! Not only can you limit the hot pink blush to your cheekbones, but you can also apply it to most of your cheeks and browbones.

  1. Baby blue eyeshadow

If you want to take a risk with your makeup, you can try blue eyeshadow. You can choose blue and pastel outfits in which you will look bold, spectacular and flawless. Lightening the rest of your makeup will accentuate your eyes.

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