“Tomorrow’s Cuisine Menu” by BigChefs Zero Waste Kitchen


Sustainability, one of the most important issues of our time, is now manifesting itself in many different areas. The food and beverage industry is one of these areas and, in fact, the most important. Because sustainable cooking is an important step towards being sensitive to nature and taking a little responsibility for the environment by eating the delicious dishes we love. BigChefs, a strong and innovative industry chain brand that deserves its responsibility for sustainable eating and drinking, which includes areas ranging from zero-waste cuisine to sustainable agriculture, is also making inspiring progress in this regard.

BigChefs has signed a collaboration agreement with Tommaso Arrigoni, founding chef of Milan’s Michelin-starred restaurant Innocenti Evasioni, to end the history of lack of taste in the kitchen, and bring us “Tomorrow’s Menu” based on the principle of waste. free kitchen. We look forward to seeing the menu roll out to all BigChefs branches after the gala dinner at BigChefs Zorlu Center branch on January 10th.

Tomorrow’s Cuisine Menu by BigChefs

Tommaso Arrigoni and BigChefs Kitchen Coordinator Murat Aslan and his team worked on Zero Waste Kitchen principles in the BigChefs Central Kitchen and together created tomorrow’s menu. Designed with a focus on zero-waste cuisine, the menu paired dishes, using the leftovers from one dish as the main ingredient in another dish. For those who are wondering, tomorrow’s menu and zero waste kitchen prepared by BigChefs with Tommaso Arrigoni is as follows:

  • Sea bass fillet, spicy mustard, asparagus and beer jelly: The main ingredient of the dish was sea bass. After the fillets were removed, the remaining bones were used in sea bass soup. Vegetable juice was obtained from the stalks of used asparagus.

  • Sea bass soup: Sea bass fillet bones were used in sea bass soup. The crispy skin of soup tomatoes was obtained from the skin of cherry tomatoes used in rigatoni cooked in shrimp juice.

  • Grilled Shrimp, Smoked Eggplant, and Olive Oil Potato Chips: Fried shrimp in olive oil was prepared as a hot appetizer. The shrimp shells used in this dish were used in Rigatoni cooked in shrimp juice. In addition, the skins of fried eggplant served with fried shrimp were dried and added as a side dish to beef tenderloin.

  • Rigatoni cooked in shrimp juice with cherry tomatoes, crushed Antakya olives and capers: Pasta was boiled in water obtained from shrimp shells fried in olive oil. At the same time, the skins of the cherry tomatoes used in this dish were dried and gave flavor to the sea bass soup.

  • Broccoli, dried tomatoes and Spaghetti with anchovies: Broccoli flowers were used in spaghetti. The rest of the product was used on a plate of beef tenderloin and broccoli guacamole.

  • Beef tenderloin, broccoli guacamole, green onion and lime zest: The guacamole on the plate was derived from the stalks of broccoli, the flowers of which were used in the spaghetti with Anquez. Sorbet was made from leftover lime parts that were used to make beef tenderloin and guacamole. Fried shrimp with olive oil’The eggplant skins that were used for stir frying were dried and appreciated for this dish.

  • Lime sorbet: Sorbet was made from leftover parts of used limes by rubbing broccoli on a beef tenderloin plate both inside and on top of the guacamole.
  • Tiramisu with chestnuts and spiced bread: Leftover slices of spiced bread made for tiramisu were used to make caramelized apple pie.

  • Tart with caramelized apple and spicy bread cream: Leftover pieces of spiced bread, used in place of cat’s tongue in tiramisu, were used to flavor the cream of the pie. The remaining pieces of the same bread were dried and added to the dessert in the form of breadcrumbs.

“We must prevent the food we have from becoming waste”

BigChefs Founder and Turyid Sustainability Committee Chairman Gamze Cizreli emphasized that they are committed to raising sector and consumer awareness of Zero Waste Kitchen and said: “Food waste is one of the most important issues facing our food and beverage industries. 40% of these losses come from hotels and restaurants. We must prevent the food we have from being wasted as our resources are depleted. I am very pleased with the responsibility that all our stakeholders have assumed and the work done in this regard. As BigChefs, we have expanded the scope of our zero waste kitchen work. We continued our collaboration with the successful chef Tommaso Arrigoni. In recent months we have been hosting Arrigoni in our company’s training kitchen. The Michelin-starred chef not only provided zero waste training to our company’s chefs and kitchen crews, but also prepared a special zero waste menu. With Tomorrow’s Menu taking place across all of our locations by the end of February, we aim to raise awareness of the zero waste kitchen issue in the industry and raise awareness of zero waste cuisine among our guests.”

If you wish, you can visit all BigChefs branches from January 13th to try tomorrow’s BigChefs menu.

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