To live with our traumas or to get rid of our traumas?


“The created world is just a small bracket in eternity.”
– Sir Thomas Browne

Many of the traumatic emotions you experienced as a child will accompany you throughout your life. We call these beliefs “self-belief” in the theta healing technique. The way your subconscious is coded between the ages of 0 and 6, you will live with these codes throughout your life. How many of you felt truly valued, secure, and 100% accepted as children? For example, did your parents give you unconditional love? Or did you get more liked the longer you behaved, got high grades, or tried to be perfect?

Although the people you meet and the pattern of events you experience change over time, these feelings (worthlessness, inadequacy, isolation, etc.) will always remain in your mind. In fact, this is the easiest way to quickly evolve in the human body: our Higher Self materializes our feelings and thoughts; so that we can understand which lessons we have learned and which have not yet been given in full. Our thoughts materialize all the time.

See what esteemed Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing, says in her book You and the Creator:

“I don’t know the circumstances of your birth and growing up, but if you were traumatized, there is a good chance that you lived your life in anxiety and stress. You will not live like a loved and well-mannered person. You will be in survival mode. However, many people are in survival mode and still guided by their higher self. They may be afraid to move forward in life, but whatever pushes them forward is their higher self.

I know that you often have a tendency to blame and judge the people in your life. It’s always much more comforting to look for blame outside, isn’t it? What if the Creator of the entire universe gave you the right to change your destiny? If it’s possible for you to learn and progress…

If there is anything true, it is that we are “constantly” moving forward in our life journey and “constantly” creating with our thoughts, because our soul is always in pursuit of adventure and discovery. This journey is not about getting rid of our ego; The main thing is to tame your ego. So that they can cooperate with us.

“The ego should be directed towards the cultivation of virtues. Virtues give the ego high self-esteem. Virtues help protect your ego as a friend rather than turning it into selfishness. When the ego is directed towards positive action, you are in control. When the ego rules you, it becomes selfishness.” Vianna Stibal says

So what are you choosing now? If you choose to let go of your injuries and move forward; You can access detailed information about Thetahealing techniques and the Jean Adrienne Cleansing System and the content of the workshops that will greatly help you on this journey at, follow my Instagram account to take advantage of my gift work and group lessons, and answer any of your questions. [email protected] You can send it to me via my email address.

until we meet again..
Stay with love…

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