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It is a fact that our habits shape our life and even our whole personality. The actions we take every day, the behaviors we display, affect our lives, good or bad, and who we are. Atomic Habits, one of the best-selling books of recent years, translated into Turkish, deals with our habits under its original title, Atomic Habits. The author of the book, James Clear, explains in the simplest language what you need to do to get a good habit step by step, and how to get rid of bad habits.

Atomic Habits is a #1 New York Times bestseller with over 9 million purchases worldwide, a testament to the author’s success as well as our willingness to develop good habits. So what does it take to develop good habits, and what does James Clear talk about in this successful book? Let’s start with the definitions of atomic and habitual concepts that a successful author gave in his book:

Atomic: An extremely small amount of something; the smallest unit of a larger system. It is a huge source of energy and strength.

Habit: Routine or practice that is regularly repeated; automatic reaction to a certain situation. The successful author notes that thanks to atomic habits, we can change our lives by making big changes with small changes.

“Often we convince ourselves that big achievements require big actions, while small successes – sometimes even unnoticed – can lead to big changes in the long run.”

According to the famous author, habits are like the atoms of our life, each of which is the basic unit that contributes to our overall well-being. Little routines may seem insignificant at first, but they soon bring big returns, they are both small and powerful. “The expression of atomic habits means: not just a regular practice or routine that is small and easy to do; it is also a source of incredible strength, an element of a unified system of growth. So how do you develop habits that are so effective and allow for big changes? According to James Clear, there are 4 steps to developing good habits.

4 steps to building good habits

As in atomic habits To form a habit, you need cues, desires, reactions, and rewards. James Clear explains this quartet as follows: Subscribe, recognition of the award. Request, Desire for reward. reactionIt’s about winning the prize. Prize it serves two purposes; satisfy and teach. “The symbol triggers the request, the urge motivates the response, the response provides the reward, the reward satisfies the urge, and it is ultimately associated with the signal.” These four steps form the basis of every habit, and the brain goes through these steps in the same order every time.

According to Clear, a behavior will never become a habit if it does not fit into any of these four stages. “Your habit will never appear if you remove the sign. If you reduce desire, you will not have enough motivation to act. If you complicate the behavior, you will fail, and if the reward does not satisfy your desire, you will have no reason to repeat it in the future. Without the first three steps, the behavior will not occur; without all four, the behavior will not repeat itself.” So how can we adapt these steps to our lives? According to James Clear, behavior change is needed to implement these steps; In other words, it is not enough to acquire only good habits, it is necessary to give up bad habits as well.

According to James Clear, it takes a practical skeleton to develop good habits and break bad habits, and he lists the 4 steps he calls “a simple set of rules” as follows:

The behavior you want to get to create a good habit:

  • Make it visible.
  • Make it attractive.
  • Make it easier.
  • Make it satisfying.

To get rid of a bad habit, the behavior you want to stop:

  • Make it invisible.
  • Make it repulsive.
  • Make it harder.
  • Stop being satisfied.

“These four steps can be applied to any field: from sports to politics, from art to medicine, from comedy to management. They can use it no matter what problem you are facing. There is no need for different strategies for each habit.” James Clear in his book Atomic Habits says that what we want to change, what habit we want to acquire, we should ask ourselves the following questions: How can I make it visible? How can I make it attractive? How can I make it easier? How can I make it satisfactory? By answering these questions, you can achieve the behaviors needed to create a good habit. On the other hand, to get rid of a bad habit, for the behavior you want to change; How can I make it invisible? How can I make it repulsive? How can I make it harder? How can I make it unsatisfactory? you may ask yourself.

A famous author who says that in order to make the change that will allow us to achieve everything we want, from quitting smoking to losing weight, from saving money to starting a new business, we need to adapt these four steps to ourselves and figure out how we can change them by pointing out that otherwise it is impossible to acquire good habits.

Well, after all these steps.”What is the secret to permanent results?If you are interested, let’s reveal to you the secret given by James Clear from this guide: “The secret to sustainable results is to never rest on your laurels. You won’t believe you can build if you don’t stop!” So don’t give up, don’t stop, don’t give up and keep moving forward. This is the power of atomic habits.

If you would like to view and purchase the book, please click here. If you are one of those who have already read and finished the book, be sure to share the aspect that impressed you the most in the comments. We wish you new and “better” habits in the new year…

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