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Tips to help keep your home cool during the hot summer months


Although with the warming weather and the arrival of summer we want to throw ourselves into the fresh air, into the cool waters and into nature at every opportunity, it is not always possible to take a refreshing dip in the pool, be in nature or spend time. outdoors for those who continue to work from home and spend most of their time at home. While our homes, where we spend most of our time, get hotter as the temperature rises, sweltering heat can reduce our productivity, not being able to get enough rest because we can’t sleep, and make us feel sick. much more tired.

While turning on the air conditioner or trying to cool off in front of a fan during the hot summer months are very attractive options, what you can do to protect and cool your home from the heat doesn’t stop there. We have put together practical and effective solutions for you to create a cooler and more spacious home atmosphere during the summer months.

Keep blinds and curtains closed

Although it may seem like a simple guess, about 30% of indoor air temperature is due to sunlight entering the house through windows. For this reason, preventing the sun’s rays from entering your home with preventive solutions such as awnings, blinds, and sunshades can help keep your home cool. You can prevent your home from becoming a miniature greenhouse and keep it cool by especially closing the curtains and blinds on the windows on the south and west sides of the house. You can choose sun shades made of reflective materials with dark, sun-blocking and sun-blocking surfaces, and you can protect your home from direct sunlight by placing broad-leaved plants in front of the window.

Close the doors of rooms you don’t use

Closing the doors of unused rooms can prevent warm air in those rooms from warming up during the hottest hours of the day, thus protecting cold air in used rooms and keeping your home cool throughout the day. By opening windows and doors in the rooms you use, you can only allow air to flow between those rooms.

Be careful with conditioner

While the quickest and most reliable way to cool off in the summer is to use an air conditioner, it is not a sustainable alternative for both the environment and your budget as it consumes a lot of energy. However, if you still prefer to cool with an air conditioner, be sure to clean the filter before each season so you don’t use too much energy and have the best quality of the air you breathe. Install the air conditioner so that it does not blow directly on you, but on the wall or into the space. Keeping the doors of rooms you don’t use closed while using the air conditioner will help your home cool faster and use less energy.

Try using a fan instead of an air conditioner.

Although air conditioning will provide the fastest and most effective results in keeping your home cool, it is not a sustainable and economical solution due to its high energy consumption. With a fan that consumes less energy, you can create a breeze in your room and keep the air circulating. Also, putting a bowl of ice right in front of a fan will help cool the air in the room. Optionally, you can add a few drops of essential oils with refreshing scents such as mint, eucalyptus, lavender, orange, and lemon to the bowl to create a more refreshing and cool atmosphere.

Turn off electronic devices when not in use

Although most of us are not aware of it, many of the devices we use at home, such as televisions, refrigerators, dryers, computers, generate a lot of heat during operation. Turning these devices off and unplugging them when not in use can help keep your home cool. Make sure that there is an air gap behind the appliances and that they are not close to the wall, especially since the motors of refrigerators and freezers generate a lot of heat. In summer, instead of a tumble dryer, you can quickly dry your clothes by hanging them on your balcony or in a room you don’t use.

Choose cool fabrics for upholstery and bedding.

Bedspreads, sheets, pillowcases, throw pillows, sofa covers… You can create a much cooler, homely feel by changing the upholstery and home textiles you use throughout your home, depending on the season. Thin, light-colored fabrics, sweat-wicking materials such as cotton and linen, will help keep your home cool, while also making it feel lighter and more spacious. You can choose cotton, linen, and silk fabrics for sheets and bedding that do not retain body heat. You can use thin wicker rugs or thin fabrics instead of large and thick rugs, and if your seats are upholstered in dark and thick, you can make your home fit for the summer season with cotton or linen, thin and light covers. From breathable and light-colored bedding sets to woven rugs, you can find all the summer decor items to help you make your home that much cooler and fresher in our Home Improvement & Decor collection.

Keep bathroom and kitchen vents open.

Did you know that you can significantly heat the air in the house while cooking and taking a hot shower? High humidity is an important reason why indoors become stuffy in summer. Although we don’t realize it most of the time, the steam released into the air during cooking, combined with the heat emitted by the stove, can cause the air in your home to get much hotter. Similarly, the steam that is generated when you take a hot shower in the bathroom can cause the air in your home to become even hotter. Therefore, do not forget to turn on the hood during cooking in the kitchen in the summer and the ventilation in the bathroom when you take a shower. If your kitchen or bathroom is not ventilated, you can open nearby windows, use a fan to blow air in, and let the steam and heat out of your home.

Open windows and doors in the cool of the evening

Since sunless nights will be much cooler than daytime hours, keeping windows and doors open during these hours will help cool air come in instead of warm air during the day and keep your home cool. Open windows and doors can circulate the air around your home, creating a rush of air, and if there is no wind, you can put a fan in front of the open windows to exchange cool air and warm air.

Take advantage of cool houseplants

Another practical and decorative way to cool down the environment is with houseplants, which purify the air and cool the environment when they sweat. Aloe Vera, Areca Palm, Ficus, Fern, Sword Pasha and Hall Ivy Here are some of the houseplants you can use to cool the air in your home with both purifying and cooling properties. You can find and buy all these herbs in our House Plant Care collection.

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