Tips for reducing the impact of bad experiences


We can all have memories that hurt our heart from time to time due to our past traumas. But the biggest mistake we make is that we let the memories of the past upset you, whatever they may be. Today I wanted to write about how we can prevent the painful memories and sadness we have thrown inside ourselves from taking over our lives.

Painful experiences for some of us in childhood, bad experiences for some of us in our youth, and trauma for some of us at any stage of life can affect our lives in different ways, even if we don’t realize it. For example, consider a child who has had a serious conflict with his mother or who is left alone during the growing up stage and does not feel loved. If he has not been able to develop himself as a conscious person when he grows up, it is inevitable that he will feel sorry for himself and feel inadequate, and he cannot be expected to gain sufficient self-confidence. He becomes skeptical about his relationships and finds it very difficult to feel secure. As a result, he tends to stay out of society and continue his life in an asocial way. Another possibility is that he is trying to get what he wants with a more aggressive attitude, but this prevents him from having a relationship in a healthy way. The foundation of everything starts with the family. For this reason, when raising our children, we should empathize with their feelings as much as possible and try to solve our problems in communication.

But on the other hand, how can we follow the path so that these bad experiences and memories do not negatively affect our lives?

  • The bad experience we had in the first place, whatever the pain inside of us, we must first face it face to face! The hardest part is coming to terms with what we’re going through.
  • After that, we must be aware that these bad experiences that we had are in the past, not in the present. The past is gone! And everything will pass!
  • No matter how many painful experiences you have, you must accept and forgive, whatever it is: a bad family experience, the pain of love, the pain of a child, bullying, loneliness, illness, lack of money, ostracism, contempt! Forgiveness is an injustice that you are 100% right about, even in the face of injustice, letting it flow for what it is will free you from the burden on your back. Negative emotions such as hatred and resentment only weigh you down. As long as you hate and burden yourself, the other side will carry on with your life, even if you don’t realize it. You must get rid of your burden!
  • Everything you experience is a test and an experience that prepares you for what is to come. It is your experience that prepares you to become the best version of you, trying to make you yourself, grow you.
  • Focusing on the present, the present, we must realize that we are the only captains of our lives! Wherever we want, the ship must follow this route! You don’t have to go in any direction you don’t want to!
  • Only you control your life.
  • Good and evil are intertwined in life from the very beginning. No matter how bad your experience was, you should know that there are good things in life too!
  • Be grateful for everything in your life! Gratitude cannot magically destroy some things, but it does allow you to see yourself from a different perspective and also allows you to feel positive emotions and feel whole in your life with the comfort of accepting certain things.
  • Determine the main things you want to have in your life! Health, love, work, love, marriage, children, travel, loneliness, friends, money, success, power, whatever you want, first realize that you have the power and motivation to achieve it all! It’s not enough to ask! Whatever you aspire to, you must open up to it and work hard! We cannot achieve anything without effort. Everything is directly proportional to the effort.
  • Finally, the more you focus on the positive in everything, the more your life energy will attract positive things to you. The law of attraction is an invisible, but the most basic rule of life! Your thoughts and feelings rule your life!

Life exists for us, with good and bad. The moment when we can accept everything as it is, life is really beautiful with everything…

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