Tips for making your morning coffee healthier and tastier


For years, we’ve all been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But for those who need a little more to start the day in the morning, scrambled eggs may not be enough. Starting the day with morning coffee can also be good for your health. According to studies, drinking coffee for breakfast in the morning reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. So why not make the first thing we drink in the morning healthier? Here are ways to make your morning coffee healthier and tastier:

1. Add a pinch of cinnamon

If you want to support your health and balance your blood sugar in a healthy way, you can add some cinnamon to your regular morning coffee. A small amount of cinnamon is a source of antioxidants, lowers blood sugar and reduces the risk of heart disease. You can also kick your cravings for sugar and cream by adding cinnamon to your coffee.

2. More chocolate

You don’t have to eat a pack of chocolate with your coffee, but it would be nice to add some cocoa to your regular morning coffee. A teaspoon of cocoa lowers blood pressure, balances cholesterol levels and makes it easier to fight type 2 diabetes. You can add some cocoa to unsweetened coffee.

3. Add Flavor to Coconut Oil

If you like sweet coffee, you can flavor it with a tablespoon of coconut oil instead of artificial syrups or creamers. It is worth remembering that coconut oil helps to lose weight and prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Some Collagen

A lot of people these days, from health bloggers to celebrities, are raving about the benefits of collagen. You can add collagen to smoothies, cooked meals, and coffee. Collagen is a protein-rich substance that provides the bond between tissues and bones. You can consume collagen in powder form by adding it to many things. Collagen hydrates the skin, helps repair alcohol-induced liver damage, and supports joint health.

5. How about oil?

It can be hard for you to think of coffee and oil together, but lately celebrities, athletes, and health bloggers who have switched to a ketogenic diet have been consuming oil with coffee. You can take some omega-3 and vitamin K-rich butter and add it to your morning coffee.

6. Coffee with oatmeal

Sometimes we skip breakfast for the morning hustle and do things for ourselves that aren’t really all that good. When you’re short on time and can’t make time for breakfast, you can add some oats to your regular thermos and make yourself a cup of oatmeal coffee. In this way, you will not give up your coffee pleasure and create a nutrient solution.

7. Indian ginseng

If you want to make your morning coffee a little healthier while keeping its flavor intact, you can add some Indian ginseng. Indian ginseng, especially used in Ayurvedic treatments, reduces stress and increases physical endurance. If you like, you can get a stronger flavor with a little cinnamon and coconut oil.

Making your morning coffee healthier

8. Cardamom

Known as the queen of spices, this title of cardamom is not only due to its rich taste. In ancient medical traditions, this powerful spice has been used to treat many ailments. You can naturally freshen your breath by adding cardamom, which has antimicrobial properties, to your morning coffee.

9. Reheat with spices

You can warm up your morning coffee with spices. Adding a small amount of red pepper to your morning coffee can increase your appetite, help combat circulatory problems, and clear up stomach problems.

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