Tips for Feeling Better During a Breakup


They say separation also enters into love. Of course, we start relationships to be completely happy and peaceful, and we want them to last a lifetime. However, for various reasons, my relationship may be interrupted or completely terminated. For many, the separation process can be more painful than the physical wounds. People look for drugs to relieve pain, such as trying to forget, looking for a new partner, making physical changes. But they cannot go beyond the instant solution.

The separation process is gradual, as is the grieving process, and you can return to your happy days by experiencing this process. A few small applications that can be made to comfortably go through this process will make you feel good.

1. Allow your emotions

When you experience negative emotions, denying them or trying to feel positive pulls you down even more. Emotions and thoughts come and go like clouds. Let your emotions flow, live them negatively, and then let go. It is important here not to hold on to emotions. Recognize when you feel bad “Okay, maybe I feel bad now, but this is temporary” When you say this, your brain automatically starts to think well.

2. Take up new hobbies

If you feel empty, start learning something new. Sports, artistic activities or a new language. No matter what, starting something new will make you feel excited again.

3. Exercise

If possible, walking outdoors or hitting the gym will activate serotonin and dopamine, known as happiness hormones, and you will feel much better.

4. Cut off all contact with the person you broke up with.

While it’s a little tricky to do, you’ll be worse off checking what you’re doing on social media, who you’re talking to, or learning from mutual friends. For this reason, you should cut off all communication ties.

5. Feel free to share your feelings

Ending a relationship does not mean failure, powerlessness, or loss. Share your experiences and feelings with people you trust. Feel free to seek professional help if needed.

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